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Healthy activity can heal your brain

Healthy Activity n Qurantine:

water, Exercise, cycling 

Healthy activity  can be defined as the well being of body mind and soul. When it comes to health we usually get it explained by the fact that there is no disease and infirmity but is it justified with this. Answer is Big No. there is golden quotation that health is wealth but what does it mean. Just eat sleep repeat makes you stay healthy activity? Lets read this that what does health actually means and by what means you really do justice with yourself?


healthy activity

Healthy is just like money you don’t worth this important aspect of yourself in today’s time where everything is just a one click away what should be done for a good health.

Stressful environment , pressure of work, anxiety ,depression, social pressure , community involvement ,unhealthy eating patterns , least physical activity ,excessive use of technology ,disturbed sleep wake cycle , availability of everything at the door step has made us lazy and procrastination has over ruled our bodies and mind.

As a result of all these things this generation is suffering a lot. Everything is there but no health no happiness. Diseases and depression has ruled the today’s human. We are no more but just the slaves of machine and technology. What should be done to come out of this stigma and to be healthy.

These are the most important and very basic things that you must have to do to stay healthy. No doubt being healthy will solve your half of the issues

Every human being is the author of his own health or disease – Buddha

These are body essential for better health:

These are some important habits which can benefits you enormously;

Drinking Water:



Drinking water

Stay hydrated drink plenty of water. Human body is 70% water. Dehydration will increase the risk of diseases you are going to face in the near future. Water helps you in the best of digestion,reduces depression and also increase your metabolism. If you are not hydrated you will face many of the issues such as being annoyed at small things mood swings and you will stay angry most of the times that is not good for you but also its not god for your surroundings.

Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water. –  A. H. Auden 

Healthy Food:

eat healthy

Eat healthy. Healthy eating patterns that is an equal proportion of carbohydrates proteins and fats .follow  this golden don’t only focus on eating a single portion such as only carbohydrates’ or only fats use portion size control that will definitely help you in staying healthy but also disease will not come near you.Eat fruits and vegetables as much as you can try to have organic food.

Minerals and Vitamins:


Have some minerals and vitamins. In this era full of work, work, work and eat sleep repeat we have totally ignored these mineral and vitamins which are essential for our growth and development .it is a major missing if you are not having a healthy diet or natural portion of minerals and vitamins go and take them synthetically.



Now a days we are not only lazy but also become totally dependent on the electronic media studies have shown that exercises, gymnastics, yoga, meditation , athletics , various types of healthy dances ,swimming gardening and other physical activities not only made us healthy but has also helped in increasing the healthy average life span than normal. These activities helps you in staying healthy and the major issues such as diabetes ,depression, anxiety, hypertension ,cardiovascular disorders ,mental disorders ,blurred vision have no sign and symptom even you have crossed a particular age even though we are working but if we don’t spare time for ourselves else we have to spare time for doctors and bed. Meditation and yoga are one of the most common practices that has been adopted by the modern will help you in having a better physical posture and meditation will help you mental stability and freshen your mood.

Perform Cardio:

Cardio boy

At the end its you not your work ,mot your responsibilities nothing else you hav eto bear the pain you self do manage time for your health otherwise you will have to manage your next life for your illness physical activities and other things in which your body is involved always come out with the best of out comes.Dont ignore your good health focus in it as much as you can .this money this work will end up in giving you nothing and you can’t enjoy anything with bad health.

Your body is your most priceless procession. Take care of it- Jack lalane.

There are unlimited benefits of performing the physical activities .exercises and exercises based dancing such as zumba dance and flora dance etc will help you a lot. It reduces body fat, increases life span, oxygenates your body, and strengthens your muscles, mange chronic pains. It can also help you in stress management hypertension management; boost your immunity and much much more. So if you want to be alive in this working era stay healthy and so equally focus on yourself as well.

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