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Nutrition : Discover 5 ‘VALUABLE’Ways That Can Invigorate Daily Nutrition

A healthy and nutritious diet that is full of the essential nutrients not only means that you only eat vegetables or only spend your whole life depending on the fruits so what could be the diet that you must have to take for having a healthy nutrient that may works for both the growth and development. Health and nutritious diet means that you have to consume the equal proportion of fruits, vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates, fats,nuts,legumes .minerals vitamins and non essential nutrients some seeds as well.Nutrition and healthy nutrient intake is the all in all that we may require and acquire from the diet that we usually intake in our daily routine. Everyone has their own build in concept for a healthy and nutritious life. Most of the people have their own build in concept of taking nutrient some of the people follow the fad diet and they decide on their own that which foods better suit their taste buds and they enjoy this rather than the other food which they don’t taste again ever.All of us follow different ways to get the best nutrient it could be from any kind of diet pattern such as High-carb, low protein, moderate fats ,Keto diet ,vegetarians diet paleo or any other type of diet that really fulfills our nutrition demand as well as the diet that suits your health more.

The fact is you don’t have to follow the myth nutrients that are mentions on the packet because most of the details are only a little pick of actual nutritional facts.

So don’t worry .

Here are the ways that can simply amp up your nutrition’s in a very simple way.

FACTS :Wooho the fact is most of the plants have their own completely different nutrition profile. THE nutrients they provide have totally different effect most of the food provided by the plants usually differ in the properties as some are used as anticancer, anti microbial, analgesic and some of them as the healers of the human wounds.

A large amount of nutrients that are provided by the plants mainly serve as antioxidants that are as important to human as water and breathing is important.

So how can you get the proper nutrient to live more healthier and a more longer life ?

Let’s break it in a nut shell.



Better nutrients lead you towards healthy life that will definitely have more charms. To live a healthy life the first and foremost thing is to eat healthy and to fulfill the nutrients demand go for the phytonutrition.

phytonutrients serve as the antioxidants that will do magic to your body not only fulfill your nutrients but also makes your brain more healthy prevents its degeneration and also helps you to fight with diseases.These nutrients from plants will also help you in getting rid of the extra weight and also help you in dealing with hypertension and deadly diseases like diabetes and strokes.

The red hue of tomatoes is the result of the lycopene orange color in the oranges is due to the alpha and beta carotenes blue and red berries retain their color from the anthocyanins .green color of green leafy vegetables are due to the chlorophylls and the lutein. All these different color account the different amount and quality of nutrition. All of them can be called as the health promoters.

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Nutrition via G-Bombs is getting popularity these days’ .G-bombs mainly constitute greens, onions, beans, berries either red blue or any color they are always important as a part of diet and for getting the proper nutrition’s as well. So the question arises why the phytonutritions must be infused into the daily dietary intake? Better nutrition leads you towards a better life research says that these nutrients will help you in boosting the immunity, help you in making you slim and these nutrients are very easy to mould into any of the best recipe you want to enjoy every day.       


These G-bombs are basically six in number and the way you can have the magical benefits is worth discussing for.

  • GREENS: Green vegetables usually serve as the anticancer agents . These vegetables usually have the phytochemicals and they help in fighting with the cancer. More the consumption of greens lesser will be the chances of cancer and other heart diseases.
  • BEANS : Beans and the legumes serves as the sources rich in starch and fibres.These foods help in reducing the cholesterol ,maintaining blood glucose level, controlling blood pressure ,in weight loss,it also helps in the promotion of colon health and also helps in the nourishment of the micro biomes.
  • ONIONS:  Garlic and the onions have a contribution in fighting the cancer and they also serves to be very helpful in dealing with the heart problems. Because of the important phytochemicals they have they provide high nutrition value to the diet.
  • MUSHROOMS :Mushrooms contain the phytochemicals that are not only helpful in boosting the immune system but also proves to be helpful in the lessening the chances of breast cancer as well.
  • BERRIES : Berries are so delicious in taste and you always want your lips to taste them these small berries have enriched nutrients  that helps in dealing with various illness such as fighting with the cancer, lowering blood pressure, and also maintain proper weight. These berries are also helpful in memory enhancement and brain functioning.
  • NUTS AND SEEDS :Seeds and nuts are very helpful in dealing with the prostrate cancers. They are rich in omega three fatty acids helps in dealing with cardio vascular disorders, enhance immunity, weight reduction ,better liver function are some of the most obvious benefits of nuts and seeds.


Junk food and its excessive intake is one of the main dilemmas that we are facing especially the teen agers. They are getting high on weight and the low physical activity is the main cause of many diseases they may have to confront most probably mainly due to the junk intake. Portion control and proper nutrient intake is one of the most important thing that may be preferred over the excessive junk and the other less nutrition food. Super food including the G-bombs have surged the high popularity the food serves to be the best nutriarian diet. These food help us in providing energy make us more stronger and reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes.phyto nutrients  are the best nutrients that can be taken if excessively don’t proves to be harmful either sooner or later.

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.4: Say NO TO junk food they have harmful nutrition.

Food that are seriously harmful for your health and can be the reason of various diseases can be called as the junk food. These processed foods have least amount of nutrients and they have no sources for providing you the appropriate nutrition.

These foods must not have any place in your diet platter. Junk food cravings always increase when you eat them more and more.they damage your emotional as well as ohysical health .they have agreat role in brain deterioration and as well as the other deadly illness.

lets kick out all these least unhealthy food and clean your fridge with these heavy food and let your refrigerator fill up with the G-BOMBS and SUPER FOODS that have maximum nutrition.

  1. Always try to consume the greens and other vegetables that are sauté in water rather than in oil and fats.
  2. It’s better to consume almond milk rather than cow’s milk.
  3. Reduce the sugary food intake especially the bakery products.
  4. You can use tofu instead of eggs in the vegetables.
  5. Cheese is strictly not allowed to take.
  6. Add tofu into a veggie scramble instead of eggs
  7.  End up your meals with healthy fruits full of nutrients rather than the sugary deserts tea and coffee.


 Healthy eating only serves as healthy when it is taken on proper times. If the healthy food is even taken on a wrong time and when you have a full stomach .try to develop the habbits of only eating at particular times .

Eat at the fixed times don’t snack and crave for food again and again. Always try to have a healthy breakfast and do not eat after dinner before you just god to bed.

So what are your habits? Have you ever focused?

You must have a better understanding of how you can amp up your nutrition .share the views and suggestions you have in the comment box

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