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CEO OF AMAZON: 7 Intriguing Truths You Must Know About Simply amazing

Amazon has it name and mark in both the internet retailing and in ensuring the customer satisfaction. Yes obviously there is no question about the, because it is and undisputed champion of the world these days. Jeff bezos knows as the trillionare of the world and CEO of the has proved the loyalty to the customer up to mark and he is one of those leaders in the business who shows greatest interest in the customers their demands and make sure to give them trust and benefits from Amazon.

Amazon is truly getting revolved according to the digital era.CEO of Amazon has developed an organization that is totally based on the concept of serving the humanity in the noblest ways. It has the unyielding and unbending concepts to serve the customers in all the best possible ways and all the departments as well.

With almost 164 and more customers of Amazon a lot of  has different arguments regarding the CEO of Amazon jeff bezos regarding the building unit and the most valuable and trust worthy company that serves the customers with all heart .

The 7 things you must know about


Ever one must have the ability to work in  call centre. CEO of  Amazon  has made it sure that ever year there must be training session in which all of the employees learn to work in  a call centre including  himself.Jeff bezos with his all of the working team attend the session which is actually a great learning experience.

This training is preferably done because it really helps in developing the stamina and the same training for every on shows that all of us have the equal capabilities we just to need to polish them and to get them out from ourselves.

This training has various purposes just like it shows that Amazon is always a good listener and we all are here to listen to pour customers on any cost and to serve them as equally.

For any organization to work properly it is mandatory that instead of just listening to them we must have a clear understanding of the concept they want to convey. CEO of Amazon


CEO of Amazon has also developed another concept in front of the whole team they must never be obsessed about the company rather than that they must show concern about the satisfaction of the customers and always try to fulfill their needs and desires.

Most of the gadgets and sites are generated purely on the customers demand instead of the engineers and team member’s demand.

We always prefer our valuable customers rather giving any priority to the personal preference. Jeff bezos is always ready to give the entire finance requirement to just confront the best customers and stay active and concerned about their needs. Although it took a lot of time to create such working software’s for the customers.

 Customers usually pay to the company for the services they are having from them and it is definitely hardly earned money. Business leaders must take into consideration this fact that customers are always highly valuable. The team working for the company must be evaluated on the criteria of customer satisfaction rather than the money they have earned CEO of Amazon says.

No gap strategy.

 Always work and ensure the customer that you are understanding them and they are very much important for the company. ‘CEO of Amazon’

There are times when company gets highly obsessed about the customers and CEO of Amazon has a concept of empty chair which is one the most important constituent. If there will be no customer than for whom we all will work for.

He always brings an empty chair with him in most of the meetings because he simply wants to show that we all are here what if there will be no customer  . ALL the efforts we are putting on definitely go in vain. Always value this chair and work on your customers and for your customers whole heartedly.

4.  Don’t ever settle for less Always try to give 100 %.

 HEY HEY !  Don’t ever settle e.ven you are 99.9 your best efforts to give the 100%. And even if you get that figure there is still the room for improvement and you can get it with working and ensuring the best services you are providing.

More the customers trust the company more will be the output. CEO of amazon worked hard to make the company purely customer centric because he has an idea that more the customer trust more will the chances of Getting up.

  CEO of Amazon says In todays era social media is one of the main thing that can lead you to top or hit you to the list of failures. When the customers are best served they will definitely refer the other peoples to you and in this way more customers will reach you out to get the desired services.

5: try to giver Respect to your customers all of them are highly valuable.

It is very clear cut that by dealing the customer in the best ways will may give you thousands of customers and if you are lacking in that they will hit you so hard to zero. Because the digital world had modern solutions simply the social media will give you zero followers and no customers and definitely you had to suffer the serious consequence.

Today’s customer is so modern he fisrt research about everything and then approach you so even a single customer that reaches you  will give you the  more and more customers and the customer will be valuable as equally as if there are thousands of.

CEO of Amazon clearly said Give them respect and handle them with great care if you had a mistake always try to apologize and ensure them that they will not have that issue again and the company will resolve the issue as soon as possible.

 6: work hard to make the company customers eccentric.

In the long run customers are the only assets that will raise the company. If the customer is not satisfied than the Amazon will fail to achieve the highest goal which has been set up to reach. If the customer wants he will lead you to sky and there will be no moment that the same customer will bring you down to the earth. Amazon always works on the databases they have stored in the computers.

They always show concern about the customers complains and demands as well. They always try to make the best and innovative idea about the services and things they have to provide to their customers,. This is the main reason that Amazon is at high rank even there are a lot of companies who also serve their customers in the best possible ways.

 7: never fell shame in apologizing.

 We will definitely give you the best services and once the issue get fix you ll get the desired service. CEO of Amazon has made it team is such a way that always come up to the expectations of the customers and never get failed in this. We all feel embraced whenever it comes to feel appologise for the mistakes even you are sure that you had made this.

CEO of Amazon always ask that Its quite frustrating as well. It is quite difficult that out of all the positive things and services you are striving to give you customers you one mistake will let you surrender Aghast! in front of your customers.  But it is fact that you single heartfelt apology will let you customer fall for you again and again. Just follow

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