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Jeff Bezos “Story of Success” Discover The 5 Things You Must Know About Worlds Trillionare

Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos knows as the worlds trillionare has developed a huge gigantic company named as Amazon one of the most earning and largest company of this world. Yes it’s true. We all really much curious about the CEO OF Amazon Jeff Bezos regarding who is he? How he is handling this monster and what is the net worth of the company and how much  Jeff Bezos earned per day.

Jeff Bezos early life.

 Bezos is actually a term that is related to the house hold .lets know about the hard truths and the golden strategies that Jeff Bezos uses to earns and to get  the desired place in the heart of world.

Jeff Bezos , on 12th of January 1964 Jeff Bezos came into this word he was born in new Mexico.

At the time of his birth he was actually named as the Jeffery Preston Jorgensen and later on he changed the name when her  mother get divorces and married someone else Alas . During the early he shifted from Mexico and then Florida at various times during the start of education.

At the time of high school Jeff Bezos has created an institute named as the dream institute a place that promotes the student who came up with the productive ideas. Jeff Bezos after passing the Jeff Bezos as an electrical engineer worked hard and work with various organization and other sectors before finally joining the bank.

After a short time he was announced as the senior vice president of the investment bank and he soon took over the charge of the investment of the internet and considers all the possibilities of the investment of internet.

Personal life.

Jeff Bezos got marries to the Mackenzie Tuttle she is a colleague of him in the investment bank.some of the media has revealed the story related to the story of the Jeff Bezos simply that he was interested in some other lady. Jeff Bezos wants an inquiry that how the personal chat got leaked but  later on due to some of the reason he simply step back and came to know the reality that one of the close person of his family has made this possible.

Jeff Bezos wife


Jeff Bezos after getting the graduation degree from the Princeton University in the year 1988 he had offers for the work in various consultancies including the intel, and Anderson consultancy. Bezos simply joined the telecommunication  startup being named as the Fitel.

Later on In the year 1988′

Jeff Bezos joined the bankers trust and left the previous job.

 In the year 1990 Jeff Bezos got interested in an investment bank named as D.E Shaw. Co. after a few years of joining he was nominated as the senior vice president of the bank and become the head of internet investment which gave the spark to his entrepreneur skills and then he simply decided to left the job and moved to Washington

 Here he opened a book store and started and online business.

In the later year he made an online company which is so gigantic and he first named this company as cadabara and later named it as the Amazon named after the South American river. He simply got an investment of $300,000 from his parents and clearly showed a warning to the initial investors that there are equal chances that the company would fail later on.

Jeff Bezos made this company to reach the all the appliances online shows and Cd’s and TV and the other things now the largest set up that was just simply started from the online books retailing.

 Later on he founded, blue moon, New shepherd and the Glenn. This gave him a lot of benefits and the company has aimed to reach the moon to benefit this planet earth. Every day something new is added to the Amazon that is giving the best of it to its customers as well

Jeff Bezos succes


 After he came across the idea that web usage is getting a high spark and is been increasing by almost 2000 percent in a year he thought about his own skills and his sparkling entrepreneur skills got shine and he soon left the job at this investment bank and moved to the Washington

where he opened a book store. Jeff Bezos has very less no of employs at the start but later on he got the idea to develop the software’s for a site which is named on South American sea Amazon and later on he sold the first book in the July.

Amazon got importance in the public and become the leader in a very short time. Amazon has its importance in the ecommerce.

 This site stay opened during the whole day almost 24 hours.

This site was so beneficial it is friendly for the users and it always encourages the customers to openly put their honest feed backs and it also encourages the browsers to send the output and the reviews about the books and the other things openly and carefully.

 Recommendation and the preferences of the users were always welcomed by the website. Amazon get evolved by the years and later on along with the books Amazon started working on the CDS and the videos as well.

Jeff Bezos later on added the extensions and also started in investing in the other stores as well

Amazon played a key role in encouraging the other major book shop retailers to started working online and to open the online stores

Along with Amazon most of the companies started the participation in this online battle and come in the competition so this would not be good for the Amazon so Jeff Bezos started thinking of introducing some best of the appliances such as electronics , software’s and the other things as well in the Amazon that has definitely  a better impact on the online working and it gets a lot of customers within days .

Jeff Bezos worked on the team and he always asked his working team to stay the customers eccentric rather to earn more and more with bad reviews he always trained them to be good with their customers to hear them and to understand their problems always.

Later on in 2006 Amazon returned with more of the services including the Amazon web services which are purely a cloud computing based service that truly become one of the largest services of the world later on.

 In 2007 Amazon has produced and release the kindle device that is a reading device and it is purely based on the use of internet this si such a blessing because the users now can get ,download and purchase the reading material online and of their own choice at any time and in any part of the world just on a single click.

Almost In  2010 Amazon has made its own studio and Jeff Bezos worked on it so hard and make it popular in the world Amazon ahs started creating the own television and its own shows .



Jeff Bezos has also different interest her not only worked on the Amazon but he also make the foundation for a company that is named as the blue origin it is a spaceflight company in texas. Jeff Bezos later on launch another spacecraft that is called the new shepherd in the year 2018  orbital launch vehicle and the new glen in 2020

After all this hard working sessions and the day to night work out  Jeff Bezos NET worth was calculated in the previous years and it comes out to be the $ 112 billion and he is simply nominated as the  the most richest person of the  world.

Net worth analysis over the years.

2014: $30.5 billion

2015:$47 billion

2016:$67 billion

2017:$72.8 billion

2018: $160 billion

2019: $131 billion

Jeff Bezos was announced as a millionaire in the year 1997 after the raising of the $54 million he has invested in the Amazon ‘offering by the public. Jeff Bezos was announced as the billionaire of the world right after the in the year 1999 when he just hit the age of 35. Jeff Bezos gets high and high with the each passing year and now finally with the best and the largest net worth he has been declared as the trillionare of the world.

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