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Health Matters! Discover 14 Effective habits To Stay Healthy

 Health matters! Yes it’s true that a sound body has a sound mind. To shape out the best days and to have a good and healthy life there are always some golden rules.  Healthy habits play a key role in our daily live. Yeah! It’s much obvious that some of us have good habits and some of us had bad habits. We always use to tell the good habits to other and promote them so that others also get equal benefit from these habits. But we don’t expose our bad habits its human nature.

So just don’t worry and stick to this post so that you can have a clear understanding that how you can adopt a healthy life style and have a happier life ahead.

It always difficult to start and achieve the goals .but once you set a goal for you and build up the stamina you will simply get it. Stay motivated and keep on putting efforts you will get to these goals and made the achievement soon. 

A little effort and little cravings are also good for yourself, these are the efforts you put in to achieve a healthy life ahead.

Adopt these 14 habits and incorporate these into your daily life .

1.Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated! Try to develop a habit of drinking a glass of water in the every morning as your first priority.

This healthy habit will solve most of your problems related to the stomach and you mood swings. You become so aggressive and behave oddly in most of the daily matters if you are dehydrated. At least try to drink 8 glasses of water every day.


2.Healthy Breakfast.

Always try to have a good and healthy breakfast. Start your day with a good snack and eat it with a full stomach and don’t worry about the calories because the healthy breakfast will give you good calories and you can work more actively the whole day.

Healthy breakfast

3.Develop a bond with nature.

OHH.A good connection with nature will help you in boosting the health and your energy. Nature will heal you and your mood will be better when you feel happy and relaxed and drain out your stress. Just spare 10-20 minutes for yourself and feel healed and happy.

 4.FEEL thankful for the blessing you had.

Yes YES. Feel thankful each day before going to your bed for all the blessings and the positive things you have cherished each day. Try to write them and ignore the negativity out of you. To pay gratitude is one of those habits that will heal you scars and your shortcomings will eventually move out.


5.Stand up Regularly

 Being healthy and a good health must be your top priority. We try to sit in the offices for most of the time. It cause most of the problems related to the backache. And you posture will also get damage.

At least spare minutes or an hour to stand and to practice some exercise practices that will let your back to support. Healthy body will let you live longer and happily.


6.Proper sleep.

 Try to sleep at the same time each day regardless of you busy and hectic routines. This habit will give you a sound sleep and you will feel better and your health will also be improved.

Healthy sleep

7.Avoid cell phone

We all are terribly addicted to the cell phones and use it all the day and have also developed the habits to use the phone even at nights as well. We use this no matter we are eating or doing any other things.

Using phone excessively will damage you eye sight and damage you health as well. Try to eliminate this bad habit and develop the habit to only the check the phone at times. It will improve your health as well.


8.Small mighty seeds

Incorporating seeds into you daily diet will give you the most of nutrients you want to have from the heavy meals and from the vitamins and supplement bottles.

Seeds are ready to take snacks eating a hand full amount of seed will give you a good portion of fibers and calcium as well as the other micro nutrients as well. It will give you a good cardiac health and digestive health as well. They are very good antioxidants and have anti cancer properties as well.

9.Try to cook meals.

Try to develop a habit of cooking for you. Cooking once or twice a week will give you a better mood and you can simple follow the diet plans you want to follow that might be low carb, High protein and the other things as well. You can eat according to your mood with good fats and best proteins when you cook for yourself it gives you pleasure and it is a step forward towards the health care.

10.Vitamins and minerals

Taking vitamins and minerals as a part of your daily routine will optimize good health. Introduce multivitamins to your daily intake will do a lot. It will give you better energy will improve your mood swing make you more healthy and you will feel positive towards life. Before starting any multivitamins always consult your physician and try to have a good research on it.

11.Small vocational trips

Aghast! We follow a routine in which the only thing is work and work. We all are in a race either to earn money or to have a good life style or our office and for fulfilling the responsibilities.

Always take some time for yourself and make the long weekends as a break and go to some places that you love the most. It will make you healthy stress free and drain all the negativity from you.

12.Self care

We generally put ourselves at the last and never make the efforts for the self care. Lack of self care will make you feel more stressed , gives you anxiety and make you more depressed and will extract the all of the energy out of you. When you work whole day obviously you get tired and exhausted as well.

But when you start taking care of yourself you can also get the best of you. You can get best of results of your work as well. By adding the self care in your daily you will definitely be happier and vibrant than before.


 It is so true that people who practice the things at same time of the day becomes habitual to it. And it becomes the part of their daily activity.

It is also a fact that incorporating the new habits and indulging in them with a full heart will cause difficulties for you and it is quite tough in the start. But if you will practice the exercising tin you daily routine you will get the benefits and slowly you can optimize the exercises as you daily habit.


Meditation is one of the most important thing that you must incorporate into you daily routine. As it has been explained in the previous articles as well that meditation is necessary for the mental well being and you body health as well. It helps you in giving a stress free life.

One of the most important habit that you must follow in your daily routine is that and  After practicing meditation you can say good bye to anxiety, depression and other things that might cause problems into you daily life.

Don’t follow the myth that for enjoying the real benefits of meditation you have to practice it for hours and hour’s.For a good mental health and improved well being.

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