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Covid 19 Tracing applications and Risks 2020 Discover them!

Covid 19 also known as corona virus is a pandemic and sooner or later most of us are getting affected by this contagious virus ALAS. Need of hour is that to deal with the Covid 19 and its associated risks beyond taking all of the necessary precautionary and safety measures we must have to take some of the favors from our It experts and software engineers that they must come up with a solution and develop the applications in which there are such things or features that may tell us that either we are suffering from Covid 19 attack or its just not there.

After the creation of such technology applications they have promised in the start that these Covid 19 tracing applications promise that these applications are based on high ultra security and the privacy is also ensure they have the capability to track everyone with whom we have been in contact and clearly explain and tell us that either that person has been diagnosed positive for this deadly virus. Covid 19 situation is getting worse every day. No of cases in each country have been increased and the deaths by this deadly virus needs much much serious attention.

Need of hour is that we must deal with this disease by hook or by crook. by taking particular measure either by using the masks and by using the digital solutions .

But as we are getting more indulge and using these application on more higer pace the reality gets opened that the extent to which they have been claiming to show tehe truth they are not as safe as in the real use.

The real issue is that these applications that have been designed have variations and they have been developed by the experts of different countries so each country has deigned them in their own way.

These application show incompatibility and cannot used fearlessly in short.

But no worries Google and apple has claimed in april that they have been trying and will soon builod an API framework fo these Covid 19 applications. The fact is that most of the states and countries have show an agreement to follow the API framework. stay tuned .

Covid 19 and web

There is still some problems even after adopting the same API framewok every state has some variations and they will operate these tracing application different to some or to more extent.for instance some of the place in us have generated the application named as the healthy together application and its is based on the geographical location and it does not uses the Bluetooth .same is the case with France and the other countries.

that has not been following the API Framework so different applications are based on different strategies variation are there. Apparently only 20-22 countries   have shown that they are interested and will follow the framework generated by the apple and Google. But we cannot have the successful results until we all will follow the API frameworks made by the apple and google.

Covid 19 and countries

Application and Programming framework.

Local applications that have been developed by the local government for tracing of Covid 19  have chances to deal with the a lot of issues as well. It will lead to the various framing patchworks in other words as well. Apple and Google  have clamied that they will avpide such kind of things and the API frame work build by them has better options for tracing this novel Covid 19 and also has the ability to deal with it in a more appropriate way and they have also imposed some restrictions .

Most of the countries such as the united has clearly and publicly admitted that they will not follow the API framework adopted by the other countries. In the past we weeks Google and Apple has faced a lot of criticism on this that why they are so concerned about the standard even during this global pandemic in which the whole world is suffering a lot.

Most of the countries have requested the companies to be more open and flexible during the crisis.Software developer must show a greater concern to this Covid 19 and they will try to come up with best solutions.

API Frame work.

However it is still in debate that either the apple and Google have to made the changes or not.Beacuse most of the countries may have the better trade by using the government based applications that have been locally designed however might it’s so before to say that either the standards generated by the above mentioned companies will be favored by the public or not.

Yes its quite early that the developers may have a firm belief that they are just following the standards that are given by the two companies apple and Google. But if the developer shows no concern and did not follow the designed rules and safety concerns than it may have to involve some third party for the purpose.

Aghast! Incompatibility problems of the tracing applications is going in a greater run and the apps that are not giving an importance and are not following the API framework of Google will not work in the other countries and then they would have  to share the data with the API framework that is followed by the other countries and the states.

One of the best solution regarding this problem is that the travelers business man and the other people must ensure that they have working and dealing with applications that have better operating nad have been designed for that particular location. This will work a lot and the locally created applications by the government will also work well for this purpose.

It is concluded that the different applications having different software’s will effect a lot of the things it can cause many issues such as these issues might have the problems In the data apprehension and the clarity of the data that either which countries have come over the pandemic and some of the countries might will get fail to deal with it, so the key answer to this problem is to deal with security related to that.

Covid 19 and security.


Covid 19 known as corona virus has been getting diverse due to the cyber security issues and the cyber attacks have been getting high and high in the last few months. Googleanad ios has tell and claim that these applications have been create greater mess that we must have need a break for them until we are so busy in generating and designing the applications and framework for the pandemic and to deal with the deadly virus.

if the developers and the experts have the changed their concentration from generating and operating these application and stop working on the security iussues than the application  users will be the most easiest targets for the attack by the cyber teams.

In order to have a better security and to decreases the chances for vulnerability , and privacy security developers around the world must have to take this security issue  under consideration that the threat to security will badly affect the users.

Each application that is designed for the tracing of Covid 19 must be so comprehensive that it may not be easily targeted by these scams.

These applications must have good scanning abilities for the malicious passwords and codes and they must be protected by some specific codes.developers must also have a complete know how that  which kind of traffic is using it and these applications either have a full security comprehension as well.

For this purpose all the other parties that are being involved for the development of such software’s must show a great concern as well.

Covid 19 and Global CRISIS.

Covid 19 is declared as a pandemic and it is affecting all the countries and the crisis have also a global importance these global crisis when ever appears give an oppurtunitty to the experts of the particular field to come up with the solutions with the unique tools and use his opportunity to show loyalty to their state or country.

Digital media.

Today the whole world either it is a business or education  each and every thing is based on the digital media. Everything is getting an online protocol all the platforms are converted in to the video based communications and in this ecommerce has gain an importance and worth worldwide.

AS the issue black lives matter has been gaining the hype in the public various applications have also been designed for this purpose as all these applications have been again put into the limelight and most of the applications that have been downloaded by the public maximum are generated by the apple and IOS.

Covid 19 and world

Signal also used during the political Consensus as well. Face blurring is also in use and it’s a clear prediction that signals will come up with the latest feature in near future and upcoming days. Most of the features have been designed and in the process of coming up so that the goal can be accomplished and we can easily deal with this Covid 19 pandemic. We all have to work together and have to deal with this deadly virus so that we can live freely and can come back to life again.

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