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SENNA TEA (Sanamaki): Is it really a remedy for Covid-19 in 2020


Simply!  it will not be wrong to say these leaves as the magical leaves. Just forget about all the other herbs and leaves that you are using these days due to any reason. SENNA  tea is derived from the cassia SENNA this tea is called as bitter tea bacause of its bitter taste it has a sweet mild odour and bitten tone. However to making this tea more enriched and to enjoy it more just use few drops of honey and lemon this will give you a very good taste.

The concept that SENNA leaves can cause  the detoxification effect is getting so much hype these days.SENNA leaves more commonly known as cassia SENNA in scientific terms have been derived from the natural herbs and the dry leaves have been in use in the Thailand and the other countries for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Recently the SENNA tea bags just like the black tea bags have been sold in the market as they have been constantly linked to your digestive system and help you in cleaning your system.

It is a simplest and the cheapest way to cleanse your bowel and to protect you from various diseases.

“Tea should be taken in solitude.”– C.S. Lewis,
As well know  Covid 19 has been declared as pandemic and soon or later we  all will get affect by this deadly novel virus so how we can  protect our selves


Se- se- SENNA leaves will help you a lot even if the virus gets in and your body gets in contact with the Covid 19 because these leaves have the capability to deal with the disturbed stomach and once you take the SENNA all the harmful chemicals and the germs will get out either it’s a virus or bacteria

SENNA Leaves


Covid 19 first few days of its contact stay into your upper mouth and respiratory tract .

When you take warm water and hot cup of SENNA tea the virus will go to your abdomen and try to stay in the digestive tract. seena tea will kill this deadly virus as it performs its function and the bad effects and the other harmful germs will simply move out of your body.So the people who have been using this tea will simply can’t stay away from this any way.

SENNA tea will let you make feel need for defecation many times it simply helps you in having a healthy gut  but  there is no reality in the myth that these plant leaves have some associated toxins that are not good.

“My copper kettle whistles merrily
And signals that it is time for tea.
The fine china cups are filled with the brew.
There’s lemon and sugar and sweet cream, too.
But, best of all there’s friendship, between you and me.
As we lovingly share our afternoon tea.”
– Marianna Arolin


over dose and excess of any thing will let you suffer the serious consequences. SENNA tea can also be used as the laxatives and it is highly effective in the treating the short term constipation.

SENNA leaves are quite in expensive and can be easily availed and can be used as well without any serious consequences as they come from a plant which has no toxin related compounds.

Benefits of SENNA Herbal Tea and Uses

Relief constipation

Constipation can be called as the root cause of many diseases. You can simply take a cup of seena tea before going to sleep and this herbal remedy will definitely work a lot and you have a good digestive health with no constipation next morning.


SENNA tea leaves take almost 6-8 hours for working more effectively but don’t over load and just take a single cup so that you can have best of results soon.

“Drinking a daily cup of tea will surely starve the apothecary.” – Chinese Proverb

Works for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

It can also used for the irritable bowel syndromes that is associated with the constipation and diarrhea but it is a strict prohibition that you don’t have to take this herbal tea without the prescription of the doctor. Otherwise it will cause some serious problems.

Irritable bowel syndrome.

Abdominal worms

SENNA herbal tea will help you in getting rid of the worms and the germs you may have in your body and that migh are disturbing your digestive system SENNA tea will eliminate all these germs from your abdomen soon.


Deal with Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids usually appear due to the inefficiency to defecate they will make your stool harder and a situation of serious constipation will appear so simply use these herbal magic tea and get rid of the painful situation easily.

Cleaning of Colon.

SENNA tea is is used for the cleansing of the colon also known as the colonoscopy must give a try to this herbal tea before having a large intestinal scopy.

“Thank God for tea! What would the world do without tea? How did it exist? I am glad I was not born before tea.”
– Reverend Sydney Smith

Weight loss Remedy

Whenever we talk about the weight loss blends and mixtures that what to use nad what to not SENNA tea comes in the top some teas list that can be used for the weight loss purpose and an effective remedy. This sliiming tea is regarded as the best tea that can be used as a laxative and help you in losing the extra fats by ensuring its constant use.

These herbal leaves have the ability to reduce the appetitie and don’t mad you feel hungry at times. But you cannot take these leaves alone always made a dietn plan before using these leaves because other wise you will get dehydrated because alonmg with the fats these SENNA leaves will make you lose more water and liquids in the stools and in this way they will affect your body in medical terms as well.

SENNA leaves herbal tea is also regarded as the detox tea because it acts as a mild laxative in most of the digestive issues.

However there are no recommendations scientifically that either they will help you in losing weight or jot but this herb will definitely help you in the detoxification and has the ability to move all the germs and harmful toxicants that have been get n interaction with your body and reach you digestive system anyhow.

SENNA leaves and weight loss

In other terms you can use this tea by using just few of its leaves to enhance your body fluids. It has been proven that the people who drink more liquids in the day they eat less of meal in the night.

Sip or snip! Your choice

Excess of everything either it is a medicine or any herbal tea is bad. If you increase the intake of senna tea that is 17 milligrams per day than you will going to suffer serious issues. Long term and excessive use will made you more laxatives depended affect your body, your digestive and hepatic health it also affects your body metabolism and the body electrolytes.

1.People must have to follow the precautions and warnings who are suffering from these disorderd

2.Any kind of gastro intestinal disorder, ulcers ,chron diseas and disturbed bowl movements.

3.May suffering from cardiac and liver health issues.

4.They may use any kind of warfarins and dioxins and diuretics as well

5.Either they are pregnant and making efforts to conceive and  breast feeding the child as well.

Yeah no doubt this tea is helpful in dealing with the constipation but the recent benefits related to the treatment of Covid 19.

It is a suggestion that always consult your health experts regarding the use of Senna leaves other wise to regret later make it sure that your body can easily adapt the change and you can survive with this tea without any damage to your health.

If you are just using this tea to deal with the constipation you may other options as well such as just simply increase you dietary fiber intake and use more water and by using soft foods.

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