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Our life is too much busy nowadays. We don’t even have time for ourselves to stand and enjoy our happy moments with our beloved ones.  Due to our busy routine, we get more stressed day by day.

Stress is a type of psychological pain due to some strain and pressure. It affects us both negatively and positively. Small amounts of stress (Internal Motivation) positively help us by increasing our performance while excessive amounts of stress (Anxiety) lead to many difficulties such as it harms our personality and also causes health problems such as heart attacks, strokes, mental illness, etc.


Important Hacks to Overcome Our Stress:

So, it is necessary to overcome the anxiety level. Here are some hacks to reduce stress.

Manage your time

 Spend your time wisely by scheduling your tasks. We have to do many things in a day due to which we become overwhelmed and burdened which leads to anxiety. For this, we have to organize our tasks and shortlist our priorities so that we can work in a better way. And besides leisure time is also a cause of stress, so manage your time and minimize your free time by involving in a productive task. 


Regular moderate exercise will help to overcome stress and make us resistant to it. Many psychologists suggest exercise as it is equally effective as anti-depressant medicines. And it is their mouthpiece, anti-depressant medicine has minimum effect without exercise.  We have to find time for exercise to reduce our stress and become more active as it has a direct effect on our mood. And take an active part in sports.

Eat nutritious food

 Eating natural and organic food helps us in reducing stress. As they contain no harmful chemicals, and it relaxes our mind because full nutrition in the body releases anti-stress hormones.

Enjoy little things

 We have some big goals in our life. We work hard to achieve these and in the whole process of achieving, we are stressed most of the time. So, we have to take time from our busy schedule to enjoy little things such as spend time with friends and family by watching movies and having dinner together, etc. it is the fact, that how the times we smile the body releases an anti-stress hormone.

Open up and be yourself

 Whether introverts or extroverts, everyone needs someone. We need someone in front of us to laugh, sings, and be ourselves without the fear of being judged. We have to open up as everyone needs social support. This also helps in reducing stress.


React wisely

 There are a lot of reactions in our everyday life and we have a choice. We can’t let stress consume us. We don’t have to react to every situation badly, we can take it as a challenge and focus on positivity. If we can’t react to it positively we can avoid it completely because we don’t have extra energy to waste on such worthless things.

Stay hydrated

According to science, dehydration leads to an increase in the level of the stress hormone, cortisol. To reduce this level, a person has to drink more and more water.

Don’t get addicted to electronic devices

We spend our spare time on our laptops and mobiles to feel relax. But instead of relaxing, we gain stress because of using devices our muscles become rigid and tough. Using your time on these things also reduces our interaction with human beings.

Enjoy nature’s beauty

 According to research, a person who is closer to nature is more relaxed than others. Even by looking at nature’s beauty, we feel more relax and calm. Set good intentions for yourself and others. And establish good thoughts before starting every day.


Read a book

 Some said books are the friends of human beings as it is a great way to escape to the new world. According to the University of Sussex, 68% of stress is released by reading a book for just 6 minutes.

Be creative

 Instead of spacing out in front of the television, there are many ways to reduce stress such as writing, drawing, coloring, knitting, etc. For this, just find out the way that makes you relax.

Take good night’s sleep

 Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Never compromise on your sleep as there are many things which disturb our sleep. According to science, sleeping reduces the cortisol level.

Talk to someone

Have someone whom you talk about what you feel. By discussing, you feel relaxed. As it is catharsis and catharsis has a high place in psychology. 

Avoid drugs

 Alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine are stimulants that increase the stress level. So, avoid these drugs to reduce stress levels.

Breathe Deeply

In times of stress, we tend to take deep, quick, and shallow breaths. Try to focus on breaths you take and reflect all positive vibes in your mind. And illuminate every negativity, and take long deep breaths.

Stop Worrying Focus On Possible Outcomes

Instead of worrying start focusing on possible outcomes of a situation. Worrying on problems will not solve your problem instead it will increase anxiety, start finding a way out of the problem.

All these ways are very helpful in reducing the stress level Aand makes yourself relax and easy. Enjoy every moment of your life because we have only one life to live try to live with all your positivity and happiness. Because on the day of judgment we have to stand in front of him and to reply to our every deed. Try to live happily and spread happiness all around. Be a scent of a rose for yourself and for others too.


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