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If you’re like millions of people, who dream of starting their own business. But, there are dozens of obstacles because of which you are unable to that. One reason can be you might not have enough motivation for a startup. This is mainly due to lack of planning, solid business ideas, or lack of time and confidence.

Another reason can of lack of financial investments. This is a common saying that states you have to spend money to make money or money make money. But with home business ideas, that seems to be wrong. In 2020 with the advancement of technology, it is possible to start an online business from home without having much money using necessary equipment. Sometimes, all you need is free time.


Using the assets, you already have such as knowledge, tools, and resources, you can start your own home business without any delay. History is littered with successful entrepreneurs who started with little or nothing, except a commitment to make it more successful, no matter what. Two of the most important assets to make a home business success is commitment and tenacity. If you want the freedom and flexibility to work at home as your boss, here are six business ideas you can start now for nothing.


Blogging is writing your content, and then posting, linking, and sharing their content on the internet. You can start blogging online for free using a platform like WordPress, ads, sponsored content or product sales will add in your earning.

Mostly the bloggers who want to be successful in no time invest in a domain name and web hosting, which isn’t free. However, many bloggers upload their blogs on free blogging sites, such as Blogger.


Once their blog starts giving outcome, they buy their domain ($10-$15) and link to their free blog URL, and continuing their process leads to buy hosting and moving to their site.

You can make money from blogging by using ad feeds, through an email newsletter, and creating your informative products such as eBooks and courses. All of these can be done free.

Free Lancing

 Freelancing is a job in which the person works for themselves, rather than for a company. While freelancers take on contract work for companies and organizations and in return they pay them for it, they are ultimately self-employed.

In content writing, a person chooses his topic to write on or given by a company with whom he is in contract, and the company pays him for per word or article, it depends. Some content writers upload their material on word-press and then they earn through ads or product sales. This again only need knowledge and skill for writing.

Service-based business:

With no skill or take skill if needed and start selling by telling people you can help them. Tell your friends and family that you’re available for repairing, painting, and other honey-do items. If you already have the equipment, it will cost you nothing to access your network. 


There are a ton of service business ideas you can perform, from pet sitting or baby-sitting to organizing to tutoring.  If you don’t want to leave your home to work. Even there are many service business ideas you can do from the computer by sitting at homes, such as web design, tutoring,  article writing, virtual support, bookkeeping, and a host of other ideas. Simply pick a task you’re interested in, then approach to people who need help and will to pay you for your services.

Graphic and Web designing:

If you are good at designing, you can use some free cloud-based tools and free designing software’s from the internet to create basic graphics for clients. And if you’re not expert in these go and learn from online free courses and start-up with no money.

Web designing can be the source for your earning, by sitting at home using your laptops, with the help of some free open source tools. There are different courses available on the internet for web designing. And provide your services for your client.

Fashion designing is also an emerging field in which you can give your client a few ideas regarding designing their dresses according to the new trend and helping them in their home decor.


Social media influencer:

If you use any social media sites such as Instagram or Facebook, you can build up your influence by increasing your followers over time and then offer your services to brands who are looking for influencers to promote their products or services.

 You can be also a YouTube personality. YouTube allows users to make their accounts for free. With a computer, phone, or other equipment that you already own, you can create and upload your video content on your account and then earn a portion of ad shares.


You can earn through podcasts too. There are lots of free tools on the internet for setting up your podcast online, then you can earn an income through advertisers.

Amazon and eBay:

 On eBay and Amazon, you can start by selling the items, cluttering your home and attic, and the best thing that you don’t have to pay anything until after you’ve made a sale. 

The trick to success on eBay and Amazon is to find what sells at a good profit and which thing has more demand. For example, if your clothes sell well, then you can invest the money you earn from eBay sales to buy more at the local thrift store or consignment shop.



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