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ELON MUSK !5 Steps TO Best Business Modeling

Elon Musk! one face many personalities Elon Musk  from an average citizen to an enterprenur to an engineer ,and a biggest investor from leader ship to a billionaire Elon Musk is one face with multiple traits and captivating capabilities, Elon Musk is working for the noble cause and safe survival of human beings in this universe for more or less the next 2000 years. He usually says they he has the plans to die on planet mars and not by simple plane crash.All of the people entrepreneurs and the big investors scientist and all the star personalities  here are busy in trying to making some useful transportation means by which we can easily move.

He is the man that has come with the hyper loop  by which one can easily move from one point to another point just with a tick in meanwhile we are just discussing and thinking about the the cars fuel that what would be best he just presented and launched tesla.


World was thinking about that how the payment system would be more secure and the secure payments could be made he simply came up on the scene with PayPal services

Same is the case with space X that people here are trying to made the rockets and to understand the concept of rocket science this man has build the space X with the reusable rockets. And much more.

Elon Musk is is also linked to with the open AI, SOLAR CITY, Neutral ink and The boring company .from entrepreneurship to a best leader Elon Musk has various qualities .he is a best leader and has best team management qualities as well.


He has implemented various quotes into his life for better entrepreneurship he said that the tough gets going this is not  only a simple proverb but it should be the Provoking thought behind every action of an entrepreneur on which they really rely on.

Every new work and idea takes time to come into reality and to generate something new there are always difficulties and complexities but these difficulties and convulsions doesn’t mean that the work should not be proceed and must be left as it is but these are things to which you must have to stick on to succeed and to create something new.

By following this golden rule of sticking on to difficulties either you can hit the desired venture or if you loss the power you can simply drain down.

Elon Musk like other humans has also face a lot of issues and problems in the daily life.No matter what kind of complexes and audacities he has faced in his life musk always tried to be the best version of him than before.

He was ruined and when these things happened to the humans they always look for protection and the securirities but Elon Musk got interested at this time of his life in playing a gamble with tesla and space X and the results were amazing and very different than the world has expected.

 POSSIBILITIES AND PROBABILITIES GO HAND IN HAND FIRST GENERATE THE POSSIBILITIES AND TRY TO TAKE THE CHALLENGES AND DEAL WITH THEM RATHER THAN just thinking about the probability than either this will work or not. Elon Musk worked for the cars that can be operated on the battery and time machine which he thinks that it would be the most revolutionary


You are you own company and team you select made your company. Team is one of the main thing that ensures the success and failure of the company. And either your business will stair up or down it all depends on the skill of the teams that you have chosen for your company.

Team which has the capability to deal with the risk and complexities of the business just as the creator of that business or the founder will always achieve the highest possible goals and the set targets.

Success is always the combination of different minds and people behind a particular task. Elon Musk has a strong commitment with his targets and the passion he has is quite different he works so hard with extremely tire some and hard schedule. It’s so wrong to think that behind his success he has worked alone.

Elon Musk has a team that has same enthusiasm as him and they have the same zeal and vigor .he has a great support and belief in his time, its not possible to create the battery operated cars and the tesla and space X if you don’t have a team that believes in you and your wild ideas on which you are simply thinking to work on.

 Elon Musk usually selects the team that will going to be the part of the Company in future. He usually himself sit in the panel whenever there is need to hire some new members he always try to select those who can work with same vigor and who can cope up with the company in all good and bad times.


Leadership is something that is always earned rather than a name or a title that one gets by any simple thing or as task. One of the golden rule explained by the musk is that always try to behave as a leader because any one can have the ability to be a manager but you cannot make any one the leader.

You team members will always look up for you leadership and the directions make sure that you are always available for them to guide them to motivate them to educate them and to steer them so that they can always have a feeling that someone is there who can handle everything.

He once tell in an interview that leadership is not easy and there is no truth that a leader only supervise the team but a leader always work more than his peers .

He has a high rank in a 2017 list of entrepreneurs and he deserves this because no doubt he has a high and tough schedule of working but his team always believe in  ELON MUSK .

3. TRY TO INSPIRE OTHERS, Be the inspiration

It’s a key to entrepreneurship and to be the best entrepreneur you must have the followers and the team that has a firm belief in you and your tactics. And you have the prime responsibility to solve the problems and the issues. In order to solve them loyalty, honesty and the integrity are the core values that must have to show up as an entrepreneur.

Elon Musk  has a belief that the people and the customers who work for you always believe in you your ideas and you must be the inspiration for everyone who is working under you always give them importance and share valuable ideas and the thoughts with one another.

This is not an easy task to put your efforts as a leader but believe that this the only ways you get your best things done with the best people collaborate with you.

4. Don’t underestimate the talent

Entrepreneurs made a mistake by thinking that if they will hire the more number of people for the work they will get the results soon and this is one of the most crucial step .

it is not the no of people it is all about the talent and the master minds that you have in your team that will work for you in a more better and best way. Always try to hire the people who have got the talent rather than just increasing the no of people will not give you the output you want.

Talented people will always ensure that they have been dedicated their selves for you and your company and these master minds will stand in the crowd even there are many people’s they will always be highlighted because of the talent they have got.

Elon Musk believe that when he was working for his software company that just increasing the no of experts will just end up in a soup and it will be a mess and he also further said that hiring the talented people come with the experience and there are no special courses and education for this particular task.

5. Talent and personality

Elon Musk believed that talented person will do best for his company, beacsue the talented minds is all about the need for the company and the team. But later on he came to know that personality also matter a lot with talent and the ambitions cannot be only achieved by just only having the talent to work

. A good personality with a good moral character is always important and must have to be considered again and again as well. Personality trait would be highly considered because when the people who work with you have the positive traits along with the talented they will serve as a gold for you and you can always be the best version of your company with the best team members.

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