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Quarantine 2020: A BOON OR A BANE Lets Find Out

Quarantine life:  A BOON OR A BANE      

SO QUARINTINE IS THERE AND WHAT WE ARE DOING AND WHAT WE SHOULD DO IS A BIGGEST QUESTION THAT IS NEEDED TO BE ANSWERED IN MORE OR LESS SO FAR.As we all are room bound  and home bound to maintain the social distancing as per the governments instruction and also for the sake of self care we have to be in our own houses so that this novel Covid 19 will stay away from us.

All the public places are closed, no shopping malls, no casinos, no historical places and a complete lock down .woo! what should we do than not only to stay protected but also to stay active and healthy as well.

Because all the things that are for self leisure are no more there and nobody knows that how long this situation will persist. It’s true that you are going to miss your friends, your relatives, your college fellows you see every day and all the outdoor activities that you usually do for yourself to stay happy and to have a good life In this Quarintine.


This time seems to be rough and tough for everyone? So what to do and what to not a big question that pops in the mind. because this time will never be observed before in the history such a strict distance and totally home bound.

Lets know about that how you can make this Quarantine time a memorable time full of activities fun and enjoyment.

Why don’t you pop a face mask and do something new like just go to your kitchen try some new recipes, why not try to fix the cupboard that is begging your attention since a long time but busy life style always resist you to amend it.

In this Quarantine you not only have to work for your physical health but as well as for your mental health. Make this time fruitful because this self isolation and only a single thought that you are homebound makes you feel more annoying and aggressive.

Because only using the social media and a long trip of hours and hours from whatsapp, twitter, tumble and snap chat to face book is not going to give you any thing in Quarantine.

Long and long naps is also not the self care .so you all must be very concerned and touchy these days about yourself that how this quarantine time will be more and more productive.

Whole world now a days is in a war condition not a war of weapons but a war with this corona virus .thios war is also all about the stress, anxiety, depression, self panic ,loneliness ,fear , and uncertainities.Nobody knows that either he is going to survive this war or not  a big question mark?

History is not usually written and told by the notable dignitaries and the bigwigs of the time but by the life of the ordinary ones that how do they effort to stay and survive that time.

These things can be any hand written cooking recipie,any of the hand written letter to the loved ones, drawing of happy family, singing ,or the letters written by the mentors to the generations ,without going further

here is the self story that how a day of quarantine should be and feel like. Majorly your do’s to stay healthy and to survive this quarantine time and your don’ts that will make you more deadly and you feel yourself a living corpse.

Here is my week plan that you can also follow I feel so refreshed and also have  a variety of things to do.

Quarantine time


Monday 7 am.

Monday is the starting day of the week and your energy should be super high so that you can spent a week full of energy and enthusiasm to work . HOW to spent your Quarantine Monday …

Monday morning my alarm rang at 7:00 0clok I went out of my room wearing a casual dress went to kitchen manage the things that have been messy since days prepare the breakfast for myself and then I ate it with a good heart and enjoyed it so much mean while I scroll different applications on my phone to get the latest updates.

8am to 10am :

I just stopped enjoying my break fast that I have made earlier I finished it and put a look all around my home and started thinking about the work that I have to do today.for some people including me neatness and cleanliness matters a lot.

So instead of calling any one ta home to help I started working myself I went over my work desk and started responding to my official emails, did some home tasks asks my students to perform their work and then my sister cam over there to have some assistance in her homework and then I gave her some help and than we play with the pets that we have  at our home.

Best thing about this quarantine is I have started giving time to my family that gives me immense pleasure peace and  happiness.


I work on a birthday gift for a friend who has to celebrate their upcoming twenty-first birthday in self-isolation. Then, I work on my internal Fulbright application.

I’m applying for an English Teaching Assistantship in Germany for after I graduate from Oberlin! I’m excited about this possibility and grateful I have the extra time right now to put in some work upfront so I can focus my time next semester on coursework and enjoying my senior year! 

11 am -12 pm

so after playing and doing my work I get back to write a and complete my blog for you people. at this time I have planned a birthday gift for one of my best friend again talked to my sister responded some more of the emails reply to some text messages and then I got up and again went to kitchen to have some lunch ready for me and my little cute sister I don’t have even an idea where this all time flies. this is healthy Quarantine.

12-2 pm:

after preparing the lunch I took a shower and after this I had my favorite lunch and honestly speaking I enjoyed this lunch so much because the main reason is I am with my siblings and the second reason is that I always eat in too much hurry that I even forgot the real taste of the food so far

. After this instead of using a mobile phone and as I was just thinking about a little nap I put a book a fairytale and started reading this .this book series is my favorite since my child hood .I keep on smiling while reading this and then I refreshed my child hood memories and this child hood nostalgia makes me fell happy and excited again.

I was having the flash backs and all the memories just pop in my window and  put the book aside closed my eyes and while thinking about the childhood and all those beautiful memories  helps in having a healthy sleep.

2:30-4:30 pm:

after waking up from a good sleep. And after completing the whole work I have a planned .I went to the kitchen again and started looking for some chocolate mousse and chocolate cake recipes because my little sister loved these food. In this time when there is nothing just enjoy the real self of you and start having a good health again.

A it took almost an hour to prepare this food including baking time. I burned some if it but yet it goes very well because I was cooking something long ago. Now I can’t control my hunger pangs I called my sister and enjoy this cake so much .we have gossips about that as well.


Now I am again on my study desk because now I have to get my zoom session that I have planned with some of my students so that they can have a better understanding of the concepts. Today I gave them a lesson on the good health and how they can make this quarantine more productive.

It was a very good session .multi minds suggested me many good things as a whole. They share many good stories and cooking recipes it went very well as a whole .


  AFTER getting free from the meeting I went to my sisters room we took our Murphy he is a dog and then went out to park to have some gossips and to have a good time.


finally the day is towards ending. we went back home and meet our father and started waiting for the yummy dinner which he has prepared for us .we had some discussion at the dining table about other things as wee.

Normally on Monday night I usually went out to some restraints with my students so that they have good meal and they will regain the power and energy to work for the whole week.


Lets read about that how you do some positive things  while staying at your home in Quarantine.

  • Maintain a healthy social distance.  I tried to maintain a healthy social distance. I don’t go outside and I feel along I talk to my friends and relatives on video calls. It makes me feel good and I don’t feel lonely anymore.
  • Try to set a routine.try to make a planned routine in which you give proper time to yourself care you read books use social media  and have healthy lifestyle
  • Eat healthy meals. Eat that food that attracts healthy fruits and vegetables.dont use the food that makes you fat and have a negative effect on your health.try to eat fresh fruits drink plenty of water and say good bye to all the diseases that can be on their way if you eat un healthy.
  • Perform physical work out. Perform cardio. And do the exercise that you can easily do on your roof top and inside your home.physcial activity will help you in getting more fit.
  • Lessen the hours being spending on social media. You must have to reduce the hours that you spend on the social media these application will give u a negative effect on health’
  • Don’t let yourself more aggressive and annoying all the times.try to be polite .don’t be hard to yourself .give time to family and little siblings it will definitely affect you positively.
  • Stay grateful and happy. Stay thankful and stay happy for the blessings you are enjoying even at home even in this lockdown.
  • Always try to learn new things. Learn new courses. learn new recipes read new books watch new movies don’t miss the chance for every new learning this time will never be back that you  have right now .use it as positively as you can. ,
  • Meditate. Meditate to stay healthy use mindful practice to have a good health both mentally and physically.
COvid 19 cases

Time always flies. This time will also go away but making this time priceless and memorable is all in your hand most probably you going to miss this memorable that has been given to in the worst pandemic.


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