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We all know that physical and mental health have an equal importance they are closely tied up. And its not be wrong to call the gut or the digestive system to be As your Brain 2. Because ‘Gut ‘it is lined with the large number of neurons and it has a wide impact on your mood and the good wellbeing as a whole. In order to get have an idea that either you mental health is good and you want to get a clear optimization of a good mental well being simply use these foods and employ them in your daily diet so that you can stay healthy and can live a good and longer life ahead.

Responsibilities, stress, anxiety and depression will cause your Brain to turn to mush.So in order to have a good Brain, and to get yourself safe from a memory loss.

Sometimes you simply begin to forget about even the general things and are unable to concentrate on the daily matters in short you Brain will not help you because of the poor diet and the lack of efforts you are putting on your Brain to keep the Brain healthy and working.


If you are not getting your food in a good and proper way and are not getting the nourishment from the daily meals that you will have to suffer at the end of the day.

Your mood swings suffer and you Brain also suffers because of the release of the stress and the anger hormones.

There are times in life when we can’t have enough of the food and the part on which we have the maximum load cannot work in a good way. Self care is not selfish at all and your Brain health matters a lot.

So just made a commitment today for yourself that you will take care of yourself, not only by eating healthy food but also by getting concerned for healthy Brain and mental stability.

 If you want to have a good Brain health and a powerful than, make sure that these 15 foods  must be the mandatory part of your diet. Food that are rich in vitamins minerals, antioxidants and the phyto nutrients enriched food must be the part of your diet.

1.Fish oil

Fatty acids are essential for our body and the irony is that our body cannot produce these essential fatty acids and we must have to take them from the diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in the oily fish and they are easily and readily available in the bottles are well in the form of capsules.

However these omega fatty acids can also be obtained from the oils and the seeds that are tiny but might such as the flax seeds oil, soybean oil, peanut oil or peanut butter and also they can be obtained from the walnuts. These omega fatty acids play a vital role in promoting the Brain health and overall wellbeing.

Salmon, trout and kippers is also a good source to obtain these essential fatty acids .these essential acids are good to get recover from the Alzheimer’s disease.



Celery is an enriched source of the luteolin plant based compound that plays an essential role to reduce the rate of memory loss that goes higher with increase in age.

It helps in reducing the inflammation that is present in the Brain due to the known or the unknown reasons. It helps in boosting the Brain function and also helps in preventing the degeneration of the Brain and promotes the Brain heath as well.


Turmeric is one of the best known compound since years and has been used as treatment of inflammation and it is enriched with the antioxidants mainly the curcumin. It has the capability to cross the barriers mainly the blood Brain barrier.

It serves as the neuroprotective ingredient and promotes the Brain health in most of the cases related to neurons it helps a lot in lessening and overcoming such problems. It helps the neurons to self repair and also boost immunity.

 4.Black Berries

Whenever there is a need to produce some new and unique message Brain cells usually talk with each other.however due to lack of nutrition and as the aging goes on our Brains cells get worn out damaged an inflamed and they usually lose their power to have a good communication.

Black Berries are a golden fruit for this purpose they help the Brain to continue the conversation in the Brain cells so that the message can be ready and be easily transfer to the exact location.

They have strong antioxidants and they help in maintain the conversation flow and also helps in having a healthy and energetic Brain.

Brain and blue berries


For a good Brain incorporate the dark chocolates into your daily diet they have flavonoid s as the anti oxidants that boost your Brain and your memory.

This antioxidant is also present in the apples, onion, wine and tea. it also can be helpful in lowering the blood pressure but it can also be dangerous if the value reaches to higher extent.


Apples are enriched in the quercetin it is also a potent antioxidant that helps in the good flow of the mental fluids and also helpful in providing protection to the Brain cells.It helps in fighting with the free radicals and also reduces the neurons inflammation.

Always try to eat apples along with skin because this antioxidants occurs highest in the skin of apple.


Human body is 70% water ever single cell in the body needs sufficient amount of water to survive and there is not any single exception that we can assume our survival without water and the reality cannot be denied that our Brain is three quarters water based .

For good mental well being and the a good physical healthy you must have to concentrate on the daily intake of water and must have to maintain this intake at least 8 glasses so that you can have a good  healthy ahead.

8.Red wine

Red wine helps in reducing the risk of developing the Alzheimer’s disease and can also help in beating this disease i n the individuals who have already developed the disease.

People who consume and drink the wine and the alcohol based products research has shown that these drinks help in providing the immunity and also help in promoting mental well being in other aspects of life.

 9.Blue Berries

Blue berries seems to be helpful in the Brain firing and the studies have shown that these berries are the rich sources of the anthrocyanins these antioxidants are rich in these berries and also help in giving the blue hue and they are helpful in maintaining the good memory and delay the memory loss and also helps in the better communication of the neurons and promotes the neuron health as well.


Almond help in providing the good mood ,helps you in dealing with the stress ,anxiety and depression and also makes you feel good in many ways it is an enriched source of the antioxidants and also delays and discourages the neurons degeneration.

11.Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has a high content of fat. peanut butter are highly enriched in the good fat. They have a high portion of vitamin helps in promoting healthy Brain and physical health.


These are good sources of the mono saturated fats and omega fatty acids both the omega 3 and omega 6. They have the ability to enhance the blood flow and are extremely helpful in lowering the  cholesterol level that may causes serious  health disorders .

They are helpful in the absorption of the fatty acids and the antioxidants. They are the good sources of the vitamin E and vitamin K these two vitamins play a key role in maintaining a good mental healthy an ensure the good working of the Brain cells as well.

13.Green Leaf Vegetables

Ginger ,green leaf vegetables and quinoa herb play an important role in providing you a healthy Brain. Just incorporate all these food enriched with anti oxidants into your daily diet and enjoy the amazing benefits provided by them.



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