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Xbox Series X And Consoles

Xbox series and the Xbox video games are on the top of the trends and a topic that is in the discussion video games lover and those who really have a keen interest and passion to play the video games not only show interest in just the graphics, dynamics and the latest trend by the Microsoft but they are also interested in knowing that either what is the future of these games. Head of the video games particularly the Microsoft has claimed that in the near future the x box will not only related to the console that is at the front back or at the center.

Head of the game Xbox has favored the idea that hardware that is being sold and bought by the people has enabled us to watch and to play the games altogether in every aspects.

The future is strange.There is a good planning by Microsoft and Sony that later on in the year 2020 the two companies are thinking of launching the Xbox series and also the play station 5.

Xbox Series

The hardware they have developed cannot be obviously argued because they have making the remarkable improvements that are highly exceptional as the 2020 is the time of the media usage and the media is getting a lot of importance.

 Technologies such as Netflix and the I-phone made by the apple, Kindle by the Amazons and computers that are developed by the various companies are in use either on the tablets or the mobile phones that are easy to handle and carry.

can be easily accessible and the changeable hardware’s.

As it is much clear that the videogames also follow and have adopted the same path so in near future the console usage for Xbox seems to be in extreme doubt.

 THE Xbox lovers and the champions that play these video games have a clear and broader view that each and everything here can be a console for the and this point of view is supported and championed by the company itself.

Yeah yeah yeah! This is a new and the modern era that is based on the latest technologies and these this era has developed new and mega consoles that are based on the new and the latest features.

And it is not so difficult to assume that these wonderful and the big consoles will stay with us and be the part of our living rooms in the upcoming future in the next decades.

Despite of the fact that Microsoft is working  so hard for the Xbox and the X series but in the same way Microsoft has also prevaricated that the in the next ten years gamers and the developers and the players will have the choice to take and approach to No GOD No masters.

They will decide on their own that how and where they will play. Phil Spencer has told that either the consoles will be there or not in the next decade is still a question that cannot be clearly answered.

Spencer has a view that this question might affect the existence and capability of the televisions “so this question will take time to answered


The chess match that has been played and exemplified by the Boss of the Xbox series is not against the any of the company such as Sony or like Nintendo.

But however it is definitely with the latest and the new trends that are changing rapidly from day to day that how the billions of the gamers around the world are using the digital media and the internet devices.

X BOX series and the X series when reaches the stores in the later months of this year it will be figment of your imagination later on that and the chimeras approach of the Series X paralleled with the cloud based gaming services.

That is the x cloud series and the Xbox anywhere will  be fantasized by the gamers and the developers around the globe. By using the xcloud series you have to pay a subscription and you can easily approach the desired game on the tablet or the mobile phones quite easily and readily available.

By utilizing the x box play anywhere you can easily purchase some other games such as the ‘FORZA HORIZON 4’and can easily enjoy the playing on the windows 10 of you computers and also on the Xbox.

Spencer says that they are trying to develop and to make those games that will fit the lifestyle of the people and the gamers and the devices are taken in consideration that which will be suitable for all kinds of the game over they can play now any time and where they want.

x box x series after its launch will be the most authorative and the commanding invention of the console developers and its is one of the most powerful game machine. This series has got the strong processors and no doubt it is more or less four times stronger and commanding ever.

It has the ability to get sustain with the 120 frames at the rate of per seconds and the GPU it attains  has the ability to perform in th best possible ways. it has almost twelve teraflops .

The gamers and the people who cannot easily get the concept of teraflops and show no interest in them there is some more features that can easily boost up their excitement that feature is quick resume or the quick go back by which they can easily start the game from the same  section where they have been left of.

They have also the ability to play the games that have the compatibility with their mind set up and which they can easily play.

One of the good feature is that previously they have not any fixed price tag displayed on the box yet. They are available in the range of dollar $400 to $ 500 previously.

Customers are just paying for the games box that could have a long life with good interface and the satisfying features in the long run. However all these features will worn out and will be called as older ones when the X box will release a Y series.

 From a number of years Xbox has been making the contribution at the borders that how the games can be played. Xbox has been the champion in the early times when the video games are played over the consoles and the gamers can easily play the games altogether.

Mine craft and the other games such as the Rocket league is developed by the Sony can be played on the play station 4.spencer said that for these games you just can say that you are simply a play station person and you can just wander around the gardens wall and you can only play the games as play station person.

On the other hand you can be the person whole hardheartedly an Xbox person where you lived in the next door to the walled garden it is a 1990’s construct. Xbox has much more to find and has to reach the skies however SONY ALSO has the better options for the gamer and the players who attract that plot much more.

Xbox and consoles

In the present era most of the gamers don’t attract and like the games to play on the consoles or on the big screen set ups, they just simply want to play the games by using the means that are easily and readily accessible to them.

The mobile phones are getting advanced day to day and the users and the gamers have also changed their interests from playing just from the candy crush saga and the temple run to the teenager opponents options they are now interested in playing the games that are not only complex but also have intriguing aspects.

Xbox has also moved to the markets in Africa and all around the Asia including India spencer has explained that now the population who can have an access to the mobile phones will no go for the television and the consoles set up to first hang them in the wall and have to specif the room and these powerful consoles also need a proper space and ethics should be maintained

. Now this is the era of the mobile phones and no console set ups are preferred by this new generation. Young generation now a days simply want to play heavy games on these devices but however until the technology get shifts from 4G to 5G,it is not seems possible because of the issues related to the latency and the availability of bandwidth as well.

Why we cannot play the games on the mobile although everything such as the movies ,music and even the television shows are available on the mobile devices Spencer answered this question that

I being Spencer and you both of us watch Netflix and the other things on our mobile phones I don’t know where you want and like it more to watch on  but we always like to have the conversations about them I want the same interest and conversation trends for the games and the XBOX.

You can run a large and the versatile variety of the games on the computer a pc is just a little expensive than the X Box. You can easily play many video games even the games that are available on the Xbox very easily. But in this case you still have to sit on a particular place

Spencer has said that most of the people still want to play on the console and until we reach that time we will promise to deliver the better and the best consoles so that the users will enjoy more and they will have the delightful experiences of enjoying the video games, Microsoft is working hard and in  making the business good and to succeed Microsoft has never used any of the unfair means.

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