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The Death Of Shukri Abdi: ‘She Was Failed When She Was Alive And She’s Still Being Failed Now’ # Justice 4 Shukri

From the last eight months, Shukri Abdi has become a hashtag, a slogan, a cause that could reunite the people on one burning issue. But behind all that it cannot be ignored that she was also a young girl, a daughter, a student –so above all a human being.


Shukri Abdi’s story has not been an easy one to follow, it has been painful, complex, and challenging as it meanders in and out of national news. It is difficult for everyone in the room trying to piece together how a young girl who was afraid of water and could not swim ended up at the bottom of a river. I wrote a comprehensive investigation, trying to answer these incredibly difficult questions, shedding light on Shukri’s life and the events that eventually led to her death.

Who Was Shukri Abdi!

            Shukri Abdi was a 12-year-old young girl who studies in the Oak High School in Great Manchester, England. Shukri Yahya Abdi (father of Shukri Abdi) left Somalia (conflicts and insecurity increases there) with his wife Zamzam Ture and four children. And move to a refugee camp in Kenya, where Shukri Abdi born and brought up. She with his family was brought to the UK, as part of the unprotected person’s resettlement scheme, which was screened by the United Nations. In January 2017 Shukri Abdi, with her family, settled into Bury, a small town in Greater Manchester just two years before she died. 

Shukri Abdi Was Apple of an Eye!

Shukri’s mosque scholar Mr. Ali, (didn’t want to disclose his full name) softly spoken man, tells that “Shukri was very, very friendly and a bit of a quiet person. Shukri was a nice child, very nice”, We just couldn’t believe it.” He added into it. “I don’t know what made her go that far… she didn’t know much about the world.” “Yes… we miss her,” he concluded, with a sad smile. 

  Shukri’s math teacher at Bury Oak described her “happy child in school, a joy in class, lively, chatty and a bit of a cheeky sort” who would sometimes “try and push boundaries” in her math lessons. At school, she seemed to be energetic, always laughing, and giggling with her friends, just another kid finding her feet. 

Tyrannized death of Shukri Abdi:

            In the evening, on the 27 June 2019, Shukri Abdi after her school (she was forced

 by her friends) with four children (named are enclosed due to some issues) moved to River Irwell in Bury, not knowing that she will never return back from there ever. Child one and Child two (child connected to the case can only be named Child one, Child two, Child three and Child four.) were seemed to be friendly to Shukri, whereas Child three and Child four met Shukri first time on his last day.


            Shukri with Child one moved to deep water, where she was in untroubled when putting her arm on Child one shoulder, but she appeared in trouble when Child one let go of her, whereas Child two remained in shallow water and Child three and Child four stayed onshore. 

            Child one and Child two start laughing on her while standing on the shore, seeing her drowning. Shukri tried to call for help while but couldn’t. Child four and Child Three jumped in the water to help her but all in vain. When they lost the moment; they ran to the police station to alert police, and until police arrived she was dead. This all was claimed by Child four in court. And he added more than Child one remained laughing until police arrived and didn’t do anything to save her. This all was witnessed by child three also in court during the inquest.

Call of justice for Shukri:

             After his tragic death instead of providing him justice, the police prematurely shut the case and the school refused to investigate the testimony of bullying towards Shukri, what happened in the hours leading up to her death was transformed in mystery for months by delaying his case. Zamzam Ture (Shukri’s mother) unable to find the justice that she so desperately needed.

The devastating nature of this case, that justice is still yet to be served, even almost a year had passed, this had led many people back to this case, the police, and this country, failing a black child in life and in death. Many people stand to call for the Greater Manchester Police to respond and provide justice. The inquest was delayed till 28 February 2020, it is still ongoing, waiting for a conclusion.

The story is of institutional failure where the school, police, and even the government failed to provide justice. The insensitivity had crossed limit; that even welfares NGOs and the human right association didn’t respond to his painful death, even a year had passed unsolved. People had raised voice on this matter, then this issue is raised to the international level. Bashir Ibrahim, a human rights activist and an organizer of the protests that occurred last summer., said.

“Shukri Abdi a young girl was failed, when she was alive and she’s still being failed now she’s dead”.

 Remembering Shukri Abdi:

The death of Shukri Yahya Abdi is a deadly cocktail of social issues. Try to compress this story and blame one person or institution for its failure will fundamentally miss the point. The burden and pressure on grassroots groups and local communities to speak up for people who don’t have a voice of their own and are not provided by basic rights and the fight are only getting more difficult and tiring.

It is difficult to assume that Shukri will ever truly receive justice. But what activists have achieved thus far in their fight for answers is remarkable. There is surely a lot of pain in this story of a little girl who traveled thousands of miles with a dream of new life in the UK, unfortunately, drown less than 30 minutes away from her home. Steven Duckworth ends up with a deep saying: “I’m just sorry that we couldn’t do better.”

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