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Warren Buffett a name that is in the heart and an entrepreneur that demand no introduction a self explanatory icon of the society. He is one of those personalities that are evolved with the latest philosophies of investments with the best ways and a man who has ensured a great lifestyle that is up to date year after years. Currently he is serving as the CEO OF the Berkshire Hathaway and when it come to the net worth of the Warren E. Buffett he comes in the list of the richest people and hold a place at no 4.

what makes the people to study and follow him,his latest trend and Warren Buffett business strategies is due to the fact that from the last half century he is beating the stock market with in such a remarkable way that no one can resist to follow this personality.


However this man didn’t leave the house and he still is living in the same house that he has bought many years ago. When ever he was asked about this reason he told that “His investment techniques are so simple but they working such a way that success is always there.

Warren Buffett has worked a lot and the struggle he has made during all the time has enabled him to earn so much money and made him one of the richest people now Warren Buffett is capable of buying a country undoubtedly.leading an austere and calm life” and in this quote here lies the reason and the golden secret of the success of Warren Buffett.

He is  man with multiple personalities he is an entrepreneur a good business investor and one of the best philanthropist and it would not be wrong to call him as one of the most genius person who has a good command in dealing with finance.

And according to the international surveys and it has been a sentenced in most of the authentic magazines that he has been leading and strictly stick ion the position of the richest man from almost last fifteen years. Warren

Buffett has not only worked in the investment and in developing a good business  but from this man you can also learn the rules and the successful ways that in what ways and how you can work in the digital marketing.

He has quoted that if a person is only considering him as the 1% of the luckiest humanity that exisits on the planet you may have the ability to took the rest 99% and can easily own them and make them indebted to you.

one of the golden rule of Warren Buffett is that he always believes in the sharing of knowledge he always give knowledge and guide the people who want to come up on the podium of success and who are willing to listen these golden ruled and to adopt them as well.

Warren Buffett was interested in making investment in the early ages of his life at the age when most of the people just enjoy the early days of their life he has  invested 38 dollars at the age of 11 years in the stock market.

And he bought a piece with this handful amount of money .he was fearful because in those days the prices are fallin and the price reached to the dollar twenty seven just he bought but this situation doesn’t remain for a longer period of time and as soon as the values got higher he sold his property for the forty dollars and alas just after solding his property at this amount the stock market bounced up to the dollar two hundred.

This incident is one of the life changing incident for Warren Buffett because he learned from this that the fundamental values such as the patience is key to success.

Warren Buffett

And before getting and taking decision is a hurry think twice and have patience because the worst situation turned into the best within moments. Warren Buffett was interested in marketing and at the age of nineteen years he started reading the books like the intelligent investor and the security analysis by the author Benjamin Graham these drafts are considered as one of the golden books and the investors read it and work according to this as they follow the bible it plays the role of the bible for the investing community and and the investors as well as for the entrepreneurs.

 Warren Buffett applied for the studies in the Columbia business school because these two inspiring personalities are the members of faculty over there. He learned a lot from the Benjamin graham and David Dodd. Warren Buffett was very intelligent student and he was one of the shining student over there and this hard work allows him to work under the benjamin grahams organization  he learned valuable lessons  over there and this organization helped him in having a better understanding of the concepts.

Warren Buffett’s Partnership Era

After the end of an era that he spent in the firm of Benjamin graham Warren Buffett decided to start up his own business by setting the partnerships and one of the most leading one is the Buffett partnership limited also known’s as BPL .as he follows the grahams strategies a lot he is a so intelligent student of the Benjamin graham so he started up in the bargains.

These companies usually follow the trading trend that works on the discount in comparison with the worth of the net assets. This approach is mainly known as the Cigar Butt approach.

By using this approach Warren Buffett bought a large range of stakes and wait for the right moment in which the market gets improves and hold on to some extent. This strategy will help him a lot he knows that when the market sentiments get improve the prices of the shares will rise and the bargains he bought earlier can be sold on the better prices with a much reasonable profit.


Cigar Butt approach worked positively for a longer period of time but later on when the competition gets high and the trend of taking over the companies become more common then the bargains trend stopped working and hence this man made a decision that he will wind up the Buffett partnership limited

During all these years of the partnership Warren Buffett continuously wrote the letters to his partners about all the policies rationale of the profit and he always write about the policies and strategies he adopt and follow for the success Of the BPL.

 Years in Berkshire Hathaway    

Berkshire Hathaway  is a textile manufacturing company and after ending the career in the BPL  Warren Buffett  decided to focus on the Berkshire Hathaway .

He bought this company as the a real investment value during the work in bargains in the year 1964.

But later he came to know that there is very strict national and international level competition and later on he decide to left the Berkshire Hathaway .he decide to  transform the Berkshire Hathaway into an investment holding company and he started it as the operational hedge fund.  

Stocks get expensive and it made the Buffett to change his decision and he changed his own philosophy of bargains and purchased those stocks that have lower process and cheap but these stocks have good business prospects later on.

with the passage of time he learned another golden rule that to buy a company at wonderful and good time is much better to buy that company at high and wonderful prices.

He invested in this business and follow the strategy that never run away from the complications and always follow the competency trend don’t get fear from competition rather once you become the part of competition than sticks to it. He always follows the boundary of the competition and he also explained that the size of the circle does not matter at all. He kept himself away from those companies that are complex and that are not easy to understand.

 Warren Buffett worked with the companies who are comparatively easy to understand such as GEICO an insurance company and because the company generates large revenue so the money get from there later on invest in the Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett no doubt has revised the business policies and his philosophies multiple times during this era but he never get away even a bit of the line that is taught by his icon that ‘Price is what you pay, Value is what you get’

warren buffett worked a lot and worked hard from day to night he worked in competence and introduce the world to modern business and life style. Today his books constitute a large collection and are placed in the archives so that from the people like warren

Buffett should be the inspiration and the golden philosophies introduced by him will become mandatory to follow in all the business fields,

It should not be wrong to say that  he is man ,Nobody could resist to learn the business.


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