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Sugar is one of the most used ingredients in the diet that we usually follow in our daily routines. No doubt it tastes good but now a day’s these Sugar preservatives are highly under discussion and Sugar is considered to be the highly controversial ingredient in our daily diet. Sugar is associated with a lot of things including some serious health issues and they also disturb the body metabolism as well. Sugar, because many diseases such as cardio vascular disorders, hepatic disorders, obesity, diabetes and cancer in the body as well.

It is one of the main problem that due to lack of awareness people now a day’s consume too much sweets and they have no idea that how much it is dangerous and how much serious consequences they would have to face if they keep on consuming Sugar at such a fast pace.

However there many natural substitutes and they are not as harmful as the Sugar itself itself how ever consuming too much Sugar is the main cause of obesity these days.

Eating too much Sugar will affect the hormones and it fight against them and cause irregularity for the hormones that will promote more hunger and definitely they will lead to take more calories as a result you can gain much weight which is not good for the health.

When the Sugar intake is increased it will lead to hepatic disorders and as a result body usually develops the resistance against insulin. Excessive intake of the calories leads to the poor oral health and cause severe health disorders.

Other problems that are associated with this is that it has an addictive effect it causes the dopamine to be released in the middle of the central nervous system and it is same case and the situation that appears in other drugs intake . High level of stress also causes the abnormal eating and more intake of calories leads to serious damage later on.


Natural sweeteners:


There are many natural sweeteners  that are used by the fitness freaks and are really health conscious and they use these sweeteners as a Sugar substitute. Natural substitutes mainly involve honey , maple juice ,molasses and coconut Sugar.

These substitutes have more amount of nutrients but the ways the body metabolizes them is still same,. These substitutes however just less harmful than the regular Sugar that causes more and rapid damage to the body

Coconut Sugar is one of the most common alternative and it is natural Sugar substitute that is extracted from the sap of the palms of coconut. It is enriched with nutrients and minerals and mainly zinc, calcium, iron and a large amount of good antioxidants’.

It has quite low level of glycemic index and does not cause Sugar level spikes and it is mainly because of the insulin. Insulin serves as a soluble fiber that helps in feeding the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract especially gut. Insulin helps in fullness and doesn’t raise your blood Sugar level.

However in terms of calories there is not any major difference the coconut Sugar has the same number of calories. It has also highly enriched with fructose and this makes the regular Sugar more harmful. Coconut Sugar if also used in high amounts than it could also be as dangerous as the regular Sugar

coconut sugar


Honey is also used as the natural alternative it is thick and high consistency and it is produces naturally by the honey bees. It has minute amount of minerals and nutrients but it has high amount of good and strong antioxidants phenolic acids along with the flavonids play the role of antioxidants.

These antioxidants play an important role in providing resistance against the diseases such as heart diseases, liver diseases and obesity. Honey is also very helpful in losing weight.

Honey also helps in the reducing the blood glucose levels and also it is very helpful in dealing with the blood hyperglycemia. Although honey ensues a lot of health benefits but it also contains the fructose which can cause severe health issues.Honey should only be used sparingly.


Maple syrup

Maple syrup or the maple juice is a good alternative and it is obtained by the cooking and heating of the sap that is obtained from the maple trees. It contains a good amount of minerals and the nutrients mainly calcium iron and zinc.

Manganese is also present in the maple syrup. Maple syrup contains antioxidants that are more potent than those that are available in honey. Maple syrup when is taken with the combination of sucrose then they are more helpful in decreasing the amount of glucose in the plasma as compared to when the maple juice is taken alone.

Maple syrup contains oligosaccharides that are helpful in the lowering of Sugar level in the plasma. This Sugar substitute is helpful in fighting against the cancer and due to the highly potent antioxidants it also serves the body in a good way.

It is a common proverb that excess of everything is bad so when the maple syrup is taken in high amounts it also cause serious consequences .


Among the natural Sugar substitutes the molasses also comes under this category molasses is a thick liquid that has high consistency and brown color it is obtained by the processing of the Sugar cane.

It also contains minerals and nutrients in a relatively high amount and it also serves as an alternative of Sugar with a large number of antioxidants stored in it. It contains iron zinc, potassium and calcium and it plays a vital role in promoting the heart health.

But it should be used very wisely because it is wither less harmful but it is still not good.

Potential risks associated with sweet alternatives

Sugar alternatives are helpful in replacement but these substitutes are still Sugar and of they are consumed in a large amount they will be very dangerous these substitutes might be good for you but only in the way when you consume them in a moderate amount and its much clear that these Sugar substituted are not the answer for your every serious problem.

There is no doubt that these alternatives are sold as a good and healthy products but research has shown that there is not any strong connection between using these alternatives and getting good results for decrease in the blood glucose and they also not much helpful in lessening the calorie intake and when ever these constituents are used in a large amount they seems to cause serious damages.

These alternatives may promote hunger and boost up the calories intake. These alternatives increased the weigh and also cause obesity which is the leading cause of much harmful disease. These Sugar substitutes must be consumed in a very reasonable amount so that you can stay healthy and can live the life in a more healthy way.

Life style changes also helps a lot in dealing with serious consequences if you ever feel that you cannot control your cravings than simply try to find out the ways that how you can burn these extra calories so that you health is not compromised .

There are always the ways in which you can deal with the deadly diseases if these diseases should not get proper attention in the start then they will become fatal. Always stay concerned about you health do exercises, per form yoga and go for meditation  because this is the only way to have a blessed and healthy life.

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