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Feminism 20th Century; Building a World That Works For All

In our society, men are considered as strong and tough while women as a delicate and weak entity of society. In childhood, we taught our baby boys to stay strong and do not cry whatever happens and forced them to play with toys like cars, bikes, office bags, etc. while our baby girls play with dolls and houses. We set specific roles to the genders in society and people have to work according to them and feminism is an idea that talked about all these issues.


“The term Feminism defined as the idea which demands the equality of both the sexes i.e. male and female on all grounds either social, political, personal, or economical.”


 It is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies. It talked about the concept in which male is considered as a superior entity and women are treated unfairly due to gender stereotypes in society.

Some people think that feminism only focused on women’s rights and demand more rights than men in society. But the reality is it talked about gender roles of both the sexes and questioned why men are considered as “Bread Winner” for the family and women have to take care of the children and house all alone.

Feminist Movement

              Feminist movement simply called the Feminism which is a series of political campaigns and reforms to talk about issues of

  • Reproductive rights
  • Domestic violence
  • Maternity leave
  • Equal pay
  • Women’s suffrage
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexual violence

History of Feminism

The term Feminism was coined by a French philosopher, Charles Fourier in 1837. Feminism has different goals around the world due to variations in culture and the history of feminism is divided into four waves.

First Wave Feminism

        In the nineteenth century, women have to right to vote and stand for parliamentary office. So, women of the US and UK realized this and started the Women’s Suffrage Movement to get their political rights. It was started by the white women and they focused on the promotion of equal marriage, parenting, property, and political rights.

Second Wave Feminism

       It began in the 1960s and extended into the 1980s. It focused on the social and legal rights of women. It is also called as Women’s Liberation Movement and they gained equal access to education, public discussion about the rape and abuse of women, policies for sexual harassment at the workplace, and access to contraception and legalization of abortion.

Third Wave Feminism

         The third wave embraced individualism and diversity and began in the 1990s. It focused on micro-politics and explained that gender roles are due to the social conditioning not because of psychological and inherent physiological differences between the sexes.

Fourth Wave Feminism

          The fourth wave started around 2012 also called modern feminism and associated with the use of social media. It focused on sexual harassment and any kind of violence against women and include many campaigns such as Women’s March, #Me too movement, etc.

Feminist Theory

Feminist theory is defined as the extension of feminism in theoretical and philosopher discourse and to understand the nature of gender inequality. It examines men’s and women’s social roles, interests, and experiences in different fields such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology, etc. It explored many terms such as oppression, patriarchy, discrimination, etc.

Women Rights:

            Feminist women demand the equal right to m equal men. The demand equal social, economic, and political rights as to men.

  • Right of Education:

Women need to go to school and get educated as men. So she can make earning for herself and can contribute positively towards society. Women empowered with education can make earning for his family, can raise her younger sibling after the death of his parents. She can improve and upgrade her living after getting an education.

  • Right to Raise Her Voice Against Domestic Violence:

Women badly need the right and support to raise her voice against domestic violence. She needed a platform where people listen to her and support her. Where her voice becomes the voice of every heart instead of suppressing her scream. Her criminal needs to be questioned in court.

  • Right of equal salary as of men:

Women need an equal salary to men. As she works hard as same as men. Office timing is equal to both men and male employees. Both have an equal burden of work. Her education is appropriate according to her scale. She is employed on merit in any company. Male and females all have to live in the same world and both have to equally maintain their social status in their society.

  • Right of Women Suffrage:

Women should have the right to speak on a public platform. She needs the right to vote. Because she as a citizen as of men. She needs political standing. She should have the right to stand for elections and have a seat in the National Assembly. She can be representatives of her peoples. She can represent her country on an international level. She can be a public figure.

  • Right of Economical Standing:

Women have the right to own a plat or piece of land or can have her on a home. She has the right to have a bank account and some stale economical standing. Because she has to live her life productively and safely without and dependency on others in society.

  • Right to Live Independently and Freely:

Women can live in a society with their name independently. She can feed herself and make her living without dependence on anyone. She can have worldwide tours and can do a job where she wants.

  • Right of Maternity Leave:

Women need the right to maternity leave. She needs holidays from her workplace during her pregnancy and after delivery. She need rest during her gastrulation period and she has to take care of herself and her newborn this is necessary for her good health. She needs maternity leave with pay, so she can take good care of herself without ant stress.

 Feminist women demand basics rights that are basic human rights. And demanding such rights is not shameful and society should fulfill the rights that Islam had bestowed to women.

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