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Hair oils have been used since a long time.These oils helps in the hair growth and have the capability to deal with all the hair problems as well.They helps in giving the moisture to the hair.These oils helps the scale to stay hydrated and prevent to get it dry and flaky.Today all of us spent a lot of money in getting best hair treatment either medically and also buy expensive hair care packs to make our hair look beautiful and shiny.a lot of money is used for this purpose.

Today i am here with the best used oils since centuries for the long shiny and black hair so that by just applying these hair oils twice a week you ll get rid of all the other issues regarding your hair. Hair care is one of the primary things that must be done because shiny and beautiful hair makes your personality more attractive.

One simple rule to apply the hair oils is that always apply the warm oil in your hair that is slightly heated and then apply the oil into the scalp and gently massage it. After this apply a small amount all over the hairs and then wash it with a mild shampoo apply any of these oils according to the hair type and that suits you best to get the desired results.

Hair oil


Coconut oil is used as a best hair care pack, it is called as one of the mighty and powerful hair oil in the world. Coconut oil has a beautiful aroma and it helps in the hair protection and hair growth as well.

Coconut oil in enriched with a lot of minerals and vitamins and powerful antioxidants that gives the desired benefits

It not only makes the hair growth faster but it also helps in making the hair shiny and help the hair to have strong roots and prevents the hair fall as well. One of the best things about this hair oil is that it is suitable for all kinds of hair and it helps in making the hair long and healthy.

Hair care

Coconut oil is applied to the hair it helps in nourishment of the scalp, removes dry and flaky scalp and helps in the promotion of the hair health. To ensure th best benefits of coconut oil simple use this oil alone or you can also use this oil by mixing it with some other essential oils.

Coconut oil has very good properties it is anti fungal and also anti bacterial these two properties of the coconut oil makes it very usable and highly efficient for the purposes as well. Coconut helps in the pre mature graying of the hair.

Coconut oil can also be used with the castor oil and olive these three hair oils when mixed together do great for hair. Coconut oil is also used in the hair packs and the hair masks can also be made with this oil.

To make a best hair mask using coconut oil use few drops of olive oil ,few drops of the mustard oil  little amount of yogurt and a small egg yolk mix all the ingredients well and the simple apply this mask all over the hair and then wash it after 1 hour.

Always use the coconut by slightly warming it and by having a gentle massage so that the oil can reach the follicles and beneath and give the best possible results.



extra virgin olive is one of the best hair oil that has been used for various purposes because of the extra ordinary results and magical benefits of this oil.

This hair oil is rich in essential fatty acids that helps in promoting the hair growth and also helps in the repairing of damagd hair. it helps in various ways.

whenever extra virgin olive oil is applied it ensures that each and every single hair strand is prevented from environmental damage.olive hair oil helps to make the hair smooth shiny longer and helps in delaying the premature graying of hair and also makes them black.

Olive oil is enriched with nutrients and antioxidants so that external damaged can be reduced.olive oil can be used in various ways and various combinations. You can use olive oil by mixing it with egg yolk.

Olive oil can also be used with the castor oil and almond oil wwith yougrt and egg yold this hair mask helps a lot in making hair stronger and healthier. Oliveoil also redces the hahir fall.

Hair oil

Hair fall is one of the most common issue that is shared by all pf us extra virgin olive oil seems to be a good and natural remedy to prevent hair loss. Hair loss is minimized and hence black and shiny hairs are the results.

Just apply it in different combinations twice a weeks and apply a mild shampoo and than conditioner for the magical results.



pomegranate oil works best for the frizzy and damaged hair.if you have frizzy hair problem than simply forget this problem after applying this oil into your hair.this hair makes the hair grow makes them soft shiny and beautiful.I

It helps the hair growth and prevent the hair damage ,revitalize the hair growth because this oil contains Punic acid which helps in the nourishment of the hair and help the hairs that cannot get damage by the environment.

This hair oil helps in maintaining hydration of the hair and reach to the follicles so that all the hair get healthy and frizziness disappears just apply the oil all over the hair and enjoy the best results later on.



Now a day’s everyone complains about that hair graying and the hair damage and hair fall. So if you are worried about the pre graying of hair just simple use the Rose Mary hair oil.

This oil is magical and it helps in decreasing the graying of hair and helps them in darkening over time. To have the best results from the rosemary oil simply take some rosemary oil mixes it with few drops of the castor and coconut oil.

Apply is with a gentle massage into your hair and then put a shower cap. After an hour wash the hair with shampoo and then apply a small amount of hair conditioner you will have soft hairs after this procedure.



All of us know about the health benefits of avocadoes are very good for health as they contain large amount of nutrients, vitamins, proteins and aminoacids.

Avocado oil is very beneficial for hair as this oil helps in promoting the hair growth and also helps in the softening of hair. This oil helps in the fastest hair growth it provides all the necessary nutrition to the hair and gives them the proper nourishment.

It helps in increasing the volume of hair and makes them long and shiny as well. Simply take some oil and apply the oil into the scalp and all over the hairs. Put a shower cap and for the best results wash hair with a good shampoo afterwards.

Avocado hair oil


Jojoba oil is one of the most used oil not only in the recent times but also in the ancient times as well. Jojoba oil is not an oil in real instead it is highly thick and then liquefied wax that is obtained from the united states it is basically obtained from the shrubs.

It is highly enriched with the many vitamins commonly vitamin A,E and D. it also contains antioxidants and it has the capability to deal with all kinds of hair and it is highly effective in the repairing of the damaged hair.

It helps in the growth of hair and also seems to be very effective in the promoting the hair health. In order to apply the jojoba oil take a small amount of it in a bowl heat it slightly and then apply it in the scalp with soft massage.

Put a shower cap after applying and than simply wash the oil after 20-30 minutes.

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