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Dexamethasone: Novel Covid 19 also called as the corona virus has taken the lives of many around the globe. As the world health organization has already announced that this is pandemic and sooner or later every country and almost every human being has to suffer its serious consequences. Those who survive have a good immune system and those who die are affected by this virus very seriously.

This virus has so terrible and deadly effects on the human lungs that if it has a serious attack and the body has no enough immunity than the ultimate dead is there. No doubt scientist and medical professional have been trying and putting their utmost efforts in preparing the vaccine for corona virus they also are in wait that which medicine will effect and cause a miracle and proved to be life saving.


Dexamethasone is one of those drugs that have been called as the live saving Dexamethasone for the patients who are suffering from corona virus. When it comes to the chemical introduction of Dexamethasone.

Dexamethasone belongs to a class of steroids particularly the corticosteroids and it the derivative of the cortisol.

 Cortisol hormones are also present in the human body and released time to time by central nervous system.

 Dexamethasone effects many parts in the body and because positive affects it is very helpful in dealing with the certain allergies asthma and arthritis and many more. This corticosteroid can be taken through either the in the form of inject through intravenous pathways and its intake can also be done orally. Dexamethasone takes almost 1-3 days to show the effects.


Dexamethasone is an inexpensive drug and it has been proved to save the lives of the patient who are suffering from the deadly corona virus pandemic. Health experts have claimed in the united kingdom  that Dexamethasone is a major drug that can be used for the treatment it is in despicable and easily and readily available around the globe.

 Dexamethasone is also now one of those drugs which are enlisted for the treatment of the deadly diseases and its trial gave the positive results. This drug has decreased the risk of the patients who are on ventilators and fighting with the death by third. Magic is that

Dexamethasone seems to give life to the patients by fifth who are on the oxygen pumps continuously. This drug is present in the hospitals and also easy accessible by everyone around the world.

Researchers say that Dexamethasone is one of the standard care treatments for the people who are suffering from this virus.

Major benefits of the Dexamethasone appears and after its first trial NHS has made this drug available everywhere so that everyone will take an equal benefit and can survive Covid 19. After the trial now almost up to 500 lives are safe and they are enjoying their life.

Corona virus is affecting the economy of the countries especially the countries who don’t even have the enough resources to deal with this deadly virus drug seems to be a wonderful medicine for those countries.


Government of UK has piles in stock of Dexamethasone and they have ensured that they will provide this drug to all in a short time. Borris Johnson has claimed that he will make sure that this drug will be available

If there is a second peak of the terrible virus in England chief medical officers and the health professionals have claimed that Dexamethasone will effect the lives in a positive way.. Dexamethasone has also effected and gives lives to the patients who are suffering from Covid 19 and most of them are those who are on oxygen and those who are on the ventilators.

Dexamethasone helps in reducing the inflammation and also many kinds of arthritis, allergies and some skin diseases as well. This corticosteroids helps the body to overcome the damage and the effects caused by the corona virus. However a little damage could be there when it appears to effect the of deadly virus. As a result a cytokine floc was generated in the form of storm

Research conducted initially was ensured that it was given and injected to 2000 patients and compared with the 4000 who are not give.

It seems that this drug reduces the death rate for th patients who are on the ventilators by almost 28% originally they were 40% and for the patients who are surviving by oxygen pumps have the survival rate of 20%and initially they are 25%.

Health professional have claimed that this drugs is very cheap and only cost $5 and everyone can afford this drug. By all the effective results obtained this drug serves as the best one uptil now because of the clear benefits obtained.

It should also be make clear that peoples should use this drug at home and don’t go outside to buy. It is also very clear that Dexamethasone only helps in the severe Covid 19 patients milder sufferers will not enjoy the same benefits. First female who recovered from this deadly disease now feel eternally happy and grateful.

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