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iPhone and Apple! Names that needs no introduction and it is no doubt a self-explanatory brand. Apple developers every year held different conference and for this year the annual conference by its developers is planned for 22nd June 2020 but however due to the corona virus pandemic this conference is also affected and now the event seems to be virtual. Apple always launches and tries to launch the best possible products for the people same seems to be in 2020.

It is a clear indication that the latest phones that are  iPhone 12 , 12 pro and 12 max. Apple has not clearly disclosed the names of the iPhone that it is going to launch but however the launch of these phones is already planned for 2020.

Main question that is asked about that is that when will the Apple launch all these latest iPhone at what time and month in the 2020.

However they have informed somehow that they will release these their latest phone most probably in September but the situation is much clear that most of the Apple stores are closed around the world due to Covid 19 pandemic. Apple sales are highly affected because of the shutdown of stores in US AND CHINA.


This pandemic will not only lead to the delay in the launch of latest iPhone but will also affect the overall marketing of Apple. People are so much curios and concerned about the latest iPhone that when this latest phone comes into market and beyond that they have curiosity about the specs of this phone.due to the spread of deadly virus the rumours are there and people can only imagine this phone till the Apple launched it officially.

Apple has always a high competition with many other companies. The 3D sensors and the camera with latest features will always make it best and it lies in the heart of the people.

New phones may have the 5G specs as well and this feature will beat the competitors badly. But Samsung has already launched many phones and series with the 5G features so the question is what is new in the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 release

No doubt Apple is one of the largest manufacturer and Foxconn being one of the largest Apples manufacturer has still make it sure that its very much clear that launch of iPhone 12 will face delays but however it will be launched in the late 2020.

It is explained and mentioned in the wall street journal report and in this report it was mentioned that this time the launch will be later than the month that is usually followed for the launch.

iphone specs

iPhone 12 price.

When the iPhone 11 was launched last year it costs almost $699 and its quite surprising and interest that iPhone 12 may cost $649 which is quite less than iPhone 11 although it has more unique and amazing features than the previous mobile. It is also reported that iPhone 12 pro will be sold at a price $ reason in the falling of prices is the corona pandemic.

iPhone 12 Design

Apple and the people working in the company have always tried to make the best mobiles and the best products.

Every year when the new products or mobiles are launched by the Apple these products always offer some new features that are unique than the previous ones. These Phones always have more fresh up look than the previous ones these feature always seems to be more charming for the viewers and the buyers as it is mentioned in a report by japan that this time when the phone will be launched it has more similarity with the iPhone 11 and the obvious difference in the latest phone is that it has slightly bowed edges and more or less it will just be like the previous phones.

However Apple is making continuous efforts to make the iPhone 12 more like the iPad. It will have more benefits and also cause the storm of demands.                                                         

iPhone 12 Pro’s

Apple always try to make new and the beautiful unique colors for the products, 11 pro and 11 pro max  are launched with green colors or somehow midnight green colors. This color gets popularity and people liked that color more than that is is expected that when the Apple will launch iPhone 12 this year it will have the navy blue color as it is told by one of its developer.

iPhone 12’s Specs

There are a lot of rumours about iPhone 12 that this phone will have a lot of new features and the phone will come up in the market with more variety in screen may have 5.4 inches of screen.

However iPhone 11 have screen that ranges from 6.7 inches to 6.1 also in conversations that iPhone 12 may have the refresh rate of 120Hz in term of its display and it is one of the feature that is mostly speculated in the iPad pro.

Most of the phones have the capability of 60 Hz per second refresh rate for the display higher refresh rate makes the phone to work more efficiently and smoothly and also causes the phone to have a more smooth display and application could be easily scrolled.

iPhone 12 features


iPhone 12 and 5G connectivity

One of the most enduring rumour about latest phone is that Apple will introduce the 5G connectivity in its latest phone. And this is also getting viral that Apple will launch its own 5G antennas and the phones will access the 5G feature as it is explained by one of the analyst of their company.

There are a lot of reasons that Apple did not introduce the latest technology in the previous years because the Apple is not in trend for the latest technologies in the previous years

iPhone 12’s Camera

Apple has now most of the mobiles and mostly the latest mobiles such as iPhone x and iPhone 11 have the cameras with the 3D depth sensing capability. This feature in other words is known as the face sensing this feature enabled you to unlock the phone with face scanning. This features also enable that digital payments can be easily authorised by the face scanning.

This latest feature will also be very much helpful in the scanning of 3D objects this latest camera will be able portray the objects as 3D even if they are far will leads  to the modern portrait features anyways this is not sure that how many of the latest phones will have this feature.

iPhone 12 and Ear pods

Apple has launched Ear pods and the wired head phones previous with most of the products but this time it is mentioned that the latest phone will not include any ear pods in this box and the customers will have to purchase the ear pods separately from the Apple stores

May be this will not be liked by the buyers to buy them separately and this has been informed by their well-known analyst.

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