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Have you ever wondered that what is the first aid kit of our ancestors what they used the most whenever they have injuries and when there is a burn, severe diarrhoea, seasonal fever and any cut and soreness in the skin? One and only answer that can support this question is that they use herbs. Herbal treatment is one of the best treatment that is used by the fore mothers and instant remedy for all the problems. Herbs have been in use since many years and these are also called to be the traditional solution for the health problems and the knowledge of these herbs is passes to every generation after generation.


Herbal medicines if properly used will have not any side effect because they are processed by the body just like the other fruits and vegetables. There is not any specific time to intake use these herbs and always try to use the herbs as you use the other food.

However these herbs prove to be an ultimate and an efficient remedy for all the diseases. Herbs are highly efficient and effective however for every different disorder there are different herbs that must be utilised in the specific quantities. Let’s read the article below


Nausea is one of the disorder that is so annoying and it makes the person so annoying because of the bad feelings and improper digestion herbal remedies at home seems to be one of the magical solution for this disorder. Nausea and vomiting can be easily treated by the herbs such as ginger and chamomile tea.

Ginger helps in soothing the digestive system and serves as the first aid remedy at home for the treatment of digestive disorders. Ginger has also anti-inflammatory properties more over it also helps in the treatment of various other ailments in the body

Ginger herb tea


Life is not a bed of roses and no doubt every day and every level of life demads a different you. In order to have a good and a stress free life herbs and herbal treatment prrobves to be the best treatment since centuries.

Lavender essential oil, lemon balm and chamomile balm are the best solution to have a best and sound sleep. They help in providing a soothing effect and also helps in the good and healthy sleep.



Stinging nettles is a very good remedy for itching and hay fever. when the spring starts and just before the spring starts make sure that you must take the stinging nettle Capsules so that the air that is enriched with the pollens will not effect much and also will not cause the problems in breating.

This herb is enriched with the many nutrients particular the iron.this herb helps in the antihistamine activity. It should be kept in mind that you can use the herbs as other things because they are processed in the same way in your body as the other fruits and vegetables are processed.

stinging nettle herb


Diarrhoea is one of the issue that most of us has to face might be every six months. Frequent trips to bathroom will not only cause the weakness in body but also weakens the excretory system of the body.

It is not a matter of laugh for the treatment of diarhea simply use the red raspberry leaves these leaves are enriched with a product names as the tannin this, will give you a quick relief from this.

These leaves are not same in the taste as the raspberry but they help in soothing the digestive system. Beyond using this herb a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of tea made from the chamomile will also help a lot.


For burns always use lavendar oil extract it is one of the essential oil that can be used as the first aid remedy for the burns and sunburns as well. This herbal oil is easy to apply on the wounds.

Lavender oil is when mixed with the pepperment oil it has a very good effect in the healing of burns just mix the two oils and put them in a bottle and instantly apply the mixture to have the best effects.


Herbs always proves to be beneficial for various purposes.Oatmeals also play a fundamental role and it must be the part of your first aid kid. Oatmeal helps a lot in the treatment of itching and irritated skin as well. Oatmeal baths helps to treat the itching simply use the powder of oat meal into the baths.

Oatmeal heap that is made up of the oatmeal powder into water helps in the treatment of the rashes and the hard and damage skin. Oatmeal helps in the fast and smooth recovery from the various illness and it is enriched in many vital nutrients such as calcium magnesium and zinc.

Oatmeal powder is one of the wonderful solution to treat the skin diseases including eczema. In ancient times it is one of the most preferred remedy and the medical creams are usually avoided for any skin disorder.


Whenever it comes to the herbal first aid kit than yarrow is one of the most important ingredient that must be the part of your first aid kit. Just take a pinch of the yarrow powder or crushed flowers and put the crushed flowers on the wounds or the damaged skin.

It proves to be the best and ultimate remedy to stop the bleeding from the skin that might have some cuts. Yarrow has many properties and one of the most considerable property of this herb is the styptic nature of the yarrow that serves as the anti-bacterial as well as anti-fungal.

Always keep the yarrow filled jar in your kitchen so that in case you have a cut while cutting anything you must put this magical herb and enjoy instant healing


Abrasions may cause serious problems and abraided skins have to face a lot of challenges because these skins don’t bleed much. When the wounds bleed it is the basic mechanism to clean the body.

Wounded areas must be cleaned and the proper hygiene must be maintained so that the body sores can be treated as soon as possible. To make a good spray use lavender oil, chamomile and the tea tree essential oil and make this mixture and store in the refrigerator and use this spray time to time to clean the wounds.

Lavender oil is highly effective and it helps in the skin treatment and healing of the wounds. Tea tree essential oil has the very good properties to serve as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

Calendula also serves to be very effective in the treatment of the scars and the sores of the also helps in the treatment of the damages skin, abrasions and the chapped skin.

It is also available in the form of the balm that can be applied on various body parts. The mixture of these essential ingredients serves to treat minor and major skin disorders. This is the first aid kit that must be at your home


Now a days there are a lot of problems of skin that one has to suffer from due to a lot of pollution athlete’s foot and fungal problems cause rashes in the different parts of the body.Tea tree oil is one of the best oil that is used for the rashes by the dangerous fungi.

This is one of the ancient remedy that is also used as the first aid kit for these is one of the best remedy that must be used in the shoes, in the diapers and all the areas where these fungal attacks could be observed.

In order to prevent all these attacks make sure that you must add the sprays in the final round of laundry and can also add some of the drop into Luke warm water and soak your feet into it for 10-15 minutes .This will have a magical effect and these home remedies take some time but they work so well that no other medication is required.


Herbs always seems to be the best and easiest remedy for the digestive disorders whatever the disorder is either its gas ,heart burn or bloating. Most of the people have sensitive stomach they cannot eat any strong spices and anything that is against their taste.

Indigestion is one of the worst problem that any person has to suffer from but the best solution to get rid of this issue is the herbs. One of the most effective herb that is used for this purpose is the fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds have the dual properties they act to serve the purpose of seeds as well as herbs.

Fennel seeds not help in the elimination of gas produced in the body due to digestive disorders but they also help to enhance the breast milk production.

However ancient mothers use it a lot but it should be kept in mind fennel seeds can be consumed to get rid of the gas however the pregnant females must take the seeds with the combination of chamomile and the marshmallows. Fennel seeds seems to be a good remedy for digestive disorders.


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