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Fact Of The Day|Tear Gas…Is Actually Not a Gas!!

Tear gas is commonly used all over the world by police to disappear the crowd and to minimize the protest that is done against the government by locals or protest organized by the agencies. Tear gas is also known as CS gas. Presently tear gas and pepper spray is used by police in the US on ongoing protest over the killing of George Floyd.


Tear Gas:

Tear gas is a chemical compound known as chloroacetophenone (CN) and chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile (CS). CS gas is commonly used as tear gas, so whenever tear gas is used it means CS gas has been bombarded commonly.

It causes severe eye and respiratory pain, skin irritation, bleeding, and blindness. And in some conditions, it became also the cause of heart attack. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sentenced the tear gas as “poison”. Medical experts have also discussed the fact that it can increase the spread of COVID-19.

CS Gas is a Pain Gas:


In 1928, scientists named Ben Corson and Roger Stoughton discovered this molecule 2-chlorebenzalinclononitrile which is named as CS gas —- probably called tear gas.

This molecule takes place in the mucous membrane of our eyes, mouth, and lungs. Our exposure to CS gas causes sneezing, coughing, crying, difficult breathing, skin inflammation, and temporary blindness. Generally, its exposure is very unpleasant.

Karena Rodda Ph.D., from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, says the world referred its use as a pain gas, it causesintense pain.

How Tear Gas Works:

CS gas is not used to make people tear up, it is used to cause pain. It’s not a gas, its white crystalline powder. Tear gas grenades are loaded with this powder plus something that will help them to projectile through the air like gun powder.

Once in the year, if u get exposed to CS gas, it will bind to 16 residues on the receptor protein in your cells called the TRPA1. (Transient Receptor Protein Ankyris) TRPA1 is all over our body like on the skin, cornea of our eyes, on linings of our lungs.

And when it is activated a signal is sent to our brain, that our brain translates them into pain. TRPA1s activation also causes inflammation and that means swollen blistering skin, it’s the same. In sum up CS gas causes a lot of pain.


Is Tear Gas Safe?

Healthy people without any underlying condition are probably safe to exposure to tear gas. Somebody who has an underlying heart condition, they may be more inclined to have a heart attack, or they may be experiencing worsening of symptoms due to their underlying heart problems.

Recently, In the US state of Ohio, a 22-year-old protester died two days after being exposed to tear gas and pepper spray in protest over George Floyd. 

 We don’t know the long term effects of tear gas, but we know that there is a link between tear gas exposure and respiratory illness. In 2014, a study was done by the US army to see the effects of tear gas on their soldiers when they are exposed to it, for this study they took 6500 army recruits who exposed to tear gas.

We got this concentration for recruits who got expose to gas were more likely to come down with respiratory infection within a week. (e.g.: influenza, human coronavirus)


There is no effective antidote to CS gas exposure. It’s just like u have to wait for it. Normally, most of the time it takes approximately about 30 minutes for symptoms to fade away.

Use of Chemical Weapons had been Banned

Chemical weapons have been banned from using since 1925 for warfare, as we all know tear gas is also used as a chemical weapon so CS was banned under the same act in1993. but permitted to be used legally as a controlling agent against mass gathering or protests by government law and forcing agencies.

 Currently, 193 countries had ordered and regulated a comprehensive ban of the use of toxic chemicals as a weapon, “for the sake of mankind”. Another major concern with chemical weapons to be banned is because they are indiscriminate. The nature of the chemical weapon; is difficult to target and the effects can be widespread and uncontrolled.

Measures One Must Take After Exposure to Tear Gas:

According to the CDC if you have been hit/exposed to tear gas (CS gas), then u must follow these steps to minimize this unpleasant or painful situation.

  • Get out of the area immediately:

It’s important to minimize your exposure to tear gas. Remove yourself from that troubling situation because longer exposure to tear gas means more tears, mucus, choking, suffocation, irritation, and incapacitation. It’s not safe to stay in an area polluted by tear gas, ensure that you and other people around you are clearing out of the affected area.

  • Get to higher ground as it is better.

Immediately after exposure to tear gas make sure to move towards the higher ground as CS gas is heavier then air, so it settles down after some time because air becomes somewhat clear to inhale. After air becomes a clear rush to fresh air and inhales fresh air more as possible.                                                                                    

  • Rinse your eyes and face with water:

 Once you’ve reached an in the fresh air, immediately start to rinse your face and eyes. Try to let the waterfall off without rolling over another part of the face. Use soap to wash hand and flush your eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. And don’t even try to rinse with milk it is more dangerous for your skin.

  • Remove your contaminated clothes:

The active ingredients in tear gas bind to cloths, causing you to pain over and over. It always recommends removing your outer layer of clothing immediately. Get rid of those clothes. CS is a particle. It’s not the gas that vanishes.

Once you are exposed to tear gas, these particles will stay on your skin, and they can cause burns until you had rinsed them properly. If they’re in your eyes, they can burn your cornea.

Don’t risk it. The first step you should know is to seal your clothes in a plastic bag, then seal that bag inside another plastic bag, according to the CDC recommendation. Glasses should also be washed thoroughly before being used again. Remove contact lens (in case you are wearing).

  • Rush to home and shower:

Showering is a major step to be done. Try to get home as possible or if not then find a safe location where you can shower with plenty of soap and water.

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