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Technology is emerging in the recent decades and with every new day our scientist, IT experts, engineers and software experts are equally making efforts to make this world modernised and revolutionary with each passing day. No doubt capital funds for the technology have been minimised due to certain facts but it is not an end. Innovation and revolution in technology will emerge and override the next decade when everything including medication, health services, transport and even the daily use things will just a click away.

In the last ten years majority of the data has taken a front pole place but the plan for the next ten years is to make something more and the idea of connecting each and every person with the web.

It’s not surprising that in the coming decades technology will play a major role in the development and growth of the global economy.


Many of the names such as Artificial intelligence , 5G connectivity ,quantum mechanics, quantum computing , machine learning , fin tech and many other software’s that are developed and some latest that are about to launch  are all the kingpins and the main fulcrums of technology.

To make revolution in the human life key idea is that investments should be made for the advancement in technology. It is a ground reality that due to the current situations and fall in the economy of the whole world that technology will not get that much funds that are made for its emergence in the previous years.

 As a consequence of minimization in the funds all the deals have been strong tied up.

At present due to the current situation of geopolitics there are continuous warning of stagnation because most of the entrepreneurs are finding it very hard to invest in the latest technology venture.

But for the next upcoming decades big dealers and rich investors are still interested in the revolution in technology. This idea should be kept in mind that the people who are ready to invest are not only just interested in the ideas rather than they have the interest in the complete and good startup of their investment as well.

It is also a common observation that when the investors begin to follow a universal approach the results will slow down and as a consequence great leader and influential entrepreneurs come into ground with all their money and they are ready to invest if the venture is worthy enough to be successful.

Entrepreneurs are the people that are always ready to take risk they are the not the gamblers but they have the courage to invest and to work for the noble cause of humanity.

Technology Will Spark Change

When there is shift in technology from horizontal products to vertical technology products then there will be the drastic change and this shift will definitely give a spark to the technology.

some of them are given below

Vertical Shift of Technology

It is predicted that technology will be shifted from the horizontal products to the more vertical products and in coming decades vertical technology will be the focus and it will be the standard that must be followed.

Some of the major industries such as Amazon, drop box and hub spot are generating a great revenue and making huge amount of money and it is because of the fact that these companies never compromises on the standards and they have a very strong business foundation.

In the coming decades the infrastructures must be modified with a particular leverage that these industries should design the products that have the ability to solve the problems of the real world.

An Era of Renewable Energy    

Renewable energy source are declining and these fossils fuels are not in use to the extent they must be in most of the economist and the other entrepreneurs are totally in favour of using and consuming the renewable resources because now with the latest technologies we can achieve the target.

Internet of things or IOT have enabled the humans on planet earth to use these energy sources and this will bring the revolution in the world .Bio fuels , solar energy and wind energy are the best sources that must be utilised. The development of smarter cities have also made it possible to use the resources in better and appropriate ways.

Artificial Intelligence Will Bloom

Artificial intelligence is one of the latest technology that will give a true revolution to the world however perks of using artificial intelligence technology is still away. No doubt machine learning has been deep rooted in our industry and it is playing an important role in the economy as well.

Artificial intelligence when bloom to its full it will enable the workers to work without algorithms and they can work in better  ways even without knowing the coding that is one of the main difficulty in  handling the important software’s.

Artificial intelligence technology will not demand specialized people in any organization to tackle the problems now everyone can easily resolve the issues.

Modern Medication via Technology

Technology of tele medicine have enabled the medication more easily and accessible and has enable the consumers to enjoy the ownership and a good control over the medication.

 Now the specialist, medicines and treatment is just a click away. In the coming years technology will enable you to access all of your medical reports and all the data is just under you access.

 With the passage of time block chains will bring revolution in your life and this chain of network will do a lot more to your life.

Block Chains and Currency

Block chain technology can be called as the latest venture in technology block chain is one of the main technique that is involved in earning through the bit coins and crypto currency.

These block chains have opened up the ways that are more secure to handle the privacy of the data much more possible than before.

These block chains have an important role in ever department including health care transportation and a lot more pressure from the legislation that how the data is being used and handles through the online systems is one of the biggest niche that must be handled. The latest technology has sort out such issues.

At now and in the coming years and decades there will be technology advancement that will pay you for just sharing your data with the world.

No doubt there are a lot of such sites right now but in future sharing of data with the world will become a source of earning and these are all the mercies of latest development in technology.

Fictional Merchandize

It is a strong prediction that has been already fore told by a lot of people that in the age of digital media there will be decline in the retails, but it is also a valuable fact they are not diminishing but they have are being reimagined in more appropriate ways.

Here are a lot of business startups in the old shopping centers and shopping malls which are now ready to lease their space for the residential purpose so there is a big question that why these places which are meant for the purpose of enjoyment and hand outs are giving out the space for purpose of living.

In contrast to these old and retail malls there are the latest shopping malls totally based on the latest data and the general attitude of community.

Latest malls are totally based on the basic needs and desires of the community that what they actually want from any particular space. The next decade will be the decade of growth and most importantly the particularly the exponential growth of technology.

The fact should be accepted that the technology plays a key role in the growth of economy beyond the continuous episodes of recession.


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