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Metabolism is a peculiar paradox for all those who are not fitness freak and have nothing to do with their fitness and nutrition for their growth and development. Proper nutrition by having healthy meals is one of the most essential factor for having a good metabolic rate. Metabolism is one of the main activity that is performed by our body in this process extra calories are burned and body converts the calories into energy which is consumed for several activities.

Life choices. Healthy living style, food choice, exercise, particular meals and a lot of factors play an important role in having a proper metabolic rate.

If the body is not be able to perform the metabolism that there must be serious concern because all the body function and body cells need energy for performing all the activities. However most of the people due to lack of awareness don’t have a proper know how about the metabolism and the metabolic activity.

It should always be kept in mind that a proper diet contains all the nutrients in proper amounts such as proteins fats and carbohydrates along with the good quality oils play an important role in the body functioning and in promoting and boosting of the immunity and health.


The myths that are getting viral are given below

Less Food Will Promote Better Metabolism

Eating less will promote a good metabolism is a common myth that stays in our mind but have you ever wonder that either this statement is true or not. So this is the answer that if you are not hungry just don’t eat. A good breakfast is always important to boost up the energy level for the rest of the day but don’t ever miss your main meals take proper amount of nutrients our body need a lot of essential nutrients to perform good metabolic activity. So eat consciously but eat healthy is key to promote good metabolism.

Cardio Boost the Metabolism Rate

Cardio will not do a lot to boost the metabolism rate. No doubt if you are simply tormenting it and performing the cardio whole day just to have a good and active body metabolism that it is not the way that you are thinking about. More cardio will burn the fat but a lot of cardio will not promote a healthy metabolism so just try to perform other exercises as well to have a healthy body and healthy BMI.

More Workout Will Burn Fat Rapidly

It is a general concept that if you spent more time in work out and you just want to get slim in one night by spending more hours at gym than this is totally a wrong concept. If you work out more and more than  the body will ultimately get into a state which is also called to be stressed state during this state hormones usually not give any response and the metabolism of the body is badly affected if body is not having a proper rest you will not be able to survive a better life.

Low Fat =Less Weight

It is one of the most viral myth about the metabolism that if you have less fat labeled diet and you consume it on daily basis by just thinking that this food has no fats than don’t forget that low fat based food is high ion other calories such as artificial sugar and unhealthy calories that will definitely cause the weight gain. More body weight will slow down the metabolism.


Drink Water

Drinking water will help the body to maintain a good metabolic rate. Metabolism is one of the essential task that is performed by our body. Drinking enough water will only boost up your body working by 30 % beside the other things that will play a key role as well.

Don’t Stress

In this busy era everyone is running behind money and as a result we all are surrounded by the terrific monsters of stress, depression and anxiety. All these things disturb the metabolism of the body and can cause serious damage to health. Stress is one of the main factor that stops the body from burning the calories and promotes weight gain also called as obesity. An obese person usually suffers a lot with other diseases as well. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness and healthy eating patterns will help your body to perform in the best possible ways.


Alcohol is not good for health and body metabolism.Too much consumption of alcohol plays a negative role and cause the devastating health consequences. Try to cut out these drinks from you daily life to enjoy a healthy and happy life. These alcohol based drinks contain a large amount of sugar that boost up the glucose level and these harmful calories cannot be burned so easily.

Get More Sleep     

Proper sleep time of at least 6-8 hours also play an important role in the metabolism of body. Good sleep cause the release of hormones in the body that have an obvious relationship with sleep.

There are a lot of studies and scientific research that sleep reduces the release of leptin  a hormone that causes an decrease in the appetite if not taken properly and on the other hand if a person is concerned enough about the sleep time it cause the release of appetite boosting hormones and as a result body will perform good.

Balanced Meals

Our body needs a complete diet to perform a good metabolism. Diet that is rich in all kinds of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats is called to be a complete and balanced diet.

Vegetables, fruits, meat all play a fundamental role in promoting a strong metabolism in the body. Good quality oils and fats are also required for a healthy body.


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