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Fat is one of the main body component that if exceeds to certain levels proves to be most of the dangerous in terms of health and can cause certain diseases that will have devastating health consequences. So what should be done for extra fat? Simple and the most reasonable answer to this question is that incorporate the fat burning food that will help in reducing the extra harmful calories from your body and will also help in dealing with the other fat based consequences. Fruits vegetables and lean meat will help a lot in this regard.

Lean meat not only helps in the enhancement of the lean muscles mass but also helps in boosting the immunity and improved metabolic rate. Metabolism is one of the most common and most important activity by which the calories are converted into usable energy and hence helps in the better body performance.


 Avocados, Grape fruits, omega fatty acids and many other foods play an important role in the reduction of calories from the body. Fats are vital for various purposes our hormonal system is totally fat based and these hormones have the ability to regulate the body in terms of all the important signals that comes from the brain.

So if you are a fitness freak or wanted to become one just incorporate these natural compounds in the daily meals and you will see the magic later on

fat reduction

So burn your extra fat and stay healthy list and details of anti-fat foods are given below

Green TEA

Herbal Teas are usually packed with the potent antioxidants. Antioxidants are the compound that helps in dealing with the harmful free radicals that can cause damage to your body. Green tea is very much helpful in regulating the appetite, help in dealing with the mood swings, boost up the digestion and much more.

Despite of all these benefits that are provided by the green tea. This tea also regulates the metabolism and burning of extra calories from the is an alternative to caffeine such as coffee.

Green tea helps in the improvement of brain function and also enhance the immunity. Green also play a vital role in the detoxification of the body which means that it removes the harmful compounds from the body.


Meat is highly protein augmented diet. Proteins are vital to body as other thing are. When meat is incorporated into the diet for the purpose of calories reduction and to burn extra body fat than meat cause a thermo genic effect in the body that causes the body to deal and burn extra calories that are not good for body and can lead to certain issues as well.

Meat gives strength to bones and muscles and also helps in enhancing the immunity.

There are many important nutrients present in the lean meat however it should be kept in mind that high quality meats will also lead to lowering of cholesterol level that is bad cholesterol and helps in improving the levels of good cholesterol.


Obesity and high body fat can cause serious devastating consequences. High body fats effect the metabolism and also effect the blood glucose level most commonly it causes a disease called as diabetes mellitus.

 Omega 3 fatty acids helps in the improvement of insulin level that simply helps in cutting of the extra body fat. These fatty acids make sure to suppress the release of the enzymes that may cause the damage in the body cartilage.

These are enriched source of vitamin, and essential nutrient that are vital to body to perform the functions in the best possible way. Fish, such as tuna and mackerel are the good known sources of the omega fatty acids. Eggs can also be used to regulate their demand in the body.

Red chilies and other hot spices are also good for this purpose capsaicin is one of the main compound that is present in the hot red chilies and also helps the body in creating a thermo genic effect that will sooner or later helps in burning of calories.


Whenever it comes to the top healthy and beneficial foods for health clarified butter is one that is at the top position most of the we are concerned about the extra fat that is deposited in the body clarified butter will aid this purpose in the best possible ways.

Fats are one of those macro nutrients that are mostly one of the most misunderstood constituent fats are as important for our body to work as much as the other nutrients are. Fats play an important role in regulation the functions of hormones.

Hormones play an important role in most of the body functions except these hormones body will not be able to work. Butter is jam packed with vitamins mostly vitamin A, C AND K and butyric acid that has the property to reduce the inflammation and also aids the process of digestion. GHEE is easily digestible and enriched with the  mono saturated fatty acids that is not only good for the cells but also good for hormones as well.

Grape fruits

It is proven by the research and most of the health experts around the world that slow carb diet will be much helpful in burning the body fat. Grape fruit is considered to be one of the golden diet that is bemiring with the nutrients and minerals.

 Grape fruit is considered to be one of the main food that is not only help in regulation and maintain the blood glucose levels but also helps in the offsetting of the insulin level that may be spiked up by certain unknown or known reasons.

Grape fruits are highly fart soluble and whenever you had a plan for cheat day just incorporate a glass of grape fruit juice so that extra heavy carbohydrates will not disturb the body’s metabolic activity.

 Grape fruits are the packed sources of soluble fibers and this fruit is magical for the body because it help in the suppression of extra hunger and makes your stomach to feel full and don’t make it demand for some extra food.

You can use this fruit just before going to any kind of parties because it will make you feel lighter and don’t allow you to consume a lot of calories.


Alkaline diet intake help in the burning of extra fat on the body. The diet that is pure based on alkaline nature help in the detoxification process. Raw sprouts along with the leafy green vegetables will play an important role in dealing with obesity.

 Sprouts are enriched with the dietary fiber and these are the jam packed nutrition with various other health benefits. Dietary fiber enriched diet is usually chock full of the essential vitamins such as vitamin A ,vitamin B,C and most importantly vitamin E  along with the potential mineral such as iron ,potassium and magnesium.

Mung sprouts are also helpful in boosting up the metabolism and prevents the body to store extra fat in the body by burning up the calories that can be harmful for the body. Sprouts just as mung and fenugreek play an important role in the digestion and they also help the body to assimilate the nutrients and aids the proper digestion.


Sweet potatoes are known to be one of the most effective food in the burning of extra fat on the body. These are known as the good anti-inflammatory products.

Sweet potatoes have a good content of dietary fiber with a reasonable amount of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. sweet potatoes are concentrated with important vitamins such as vitamin k and vitamin C along with B6 and carotenes and they play an important role in dealing with the of the most important constituent of the sweet potatoes is the magnesium that has a key role in the anti-inflammation process.

 Sweet potatoes reduces the fat by burning it by boosting up the release of a hormone known as adiponectin that helps in the burning of fat in the body. Sweet potatoes can be taken in the boiled form and can also be taken as raw and sometimes you can use sweet potatoes as a combination with other food products just to enhance the taste.


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