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Girl Boss Success Dimensions You Must Know.

General Understanding

“I want to be a successful person in my life.” I am working hard for my success.” Most of u would have heard many similar sentences regarding success. Have you ever wondered what actually success is? It is because all of us have our own definition for success. The dictionary meaning for success is accomplishment of aim or purpose but the connotations attached with success are much more than any other word. Some believe success is achieving the targets that they have set in their minds. Some believe success means being happy. For some success is acquiring higher social status.


Success Symbols

Success is a multidimensional word. It might appear to be a simple word of English language but the reality is different. It has many dimensions and we should consider the wonders of this word. What if we first ask about success from those persons whom we consider as successful persons? Maya Angelou, a famous American poet and civil rights activist, was once asked about success and she gave an alluring reply that “Success is liking yourself, liking what u do and liking how you do it.” Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft corporation and great philanthropist, said that “Success is something that seduces smart people to think that they can’t fail.”


Initially, some main points that we can derive from the sayings of people who are considered symbol of success around the world are

  • Success at first place means being loyal to yourself.
  • Success is genuine happiness from within.
  • Success is motivation for achieving avowed aims and ultimate ambitions.

Now let us talk about the various dimensions or perspectives that comes in one’s mind when he or she thinks about success in depth.

Well being

 Success means general well-being of a person. Whatever the definition of success we all have in our minds all we want is our well-being. No one of us is talking about harming himself or herself whenever we say that we want success. Everyone wants to be blessed with the best.


 The second thing associated with success is growth. This growth can be

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Financial
  • Moral
  • Occupational
  • Social


The third dimension of success is legacy. It is quite natural that we all have our role models and ideals. These ideals can be of any field. So, when someone talks about success, involuntarily he or she wants to follow the footsteps of his or her ideal in order to acquire similar position or status. In this way we struggle with more devotion.



 Another dimension of success is achievement. All of us have an urge to feel accomplished in life. We are always striving hard to achieve something in our lives.

       “Life requires overcoming challenges and obstacles of many types” (David Weatherford).

Thus, when we want to achieve something in our life, we do every possible effort and one must never settle for less than the best.


Habit is also an important term to be considered while discussing the dimensions of success. Habits of a person defines his or her life style. When we talk about success, we refer to the adoption of best habits. We try to mold our lifestyle according to our demands and needs.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps u going.” (Jim Rohn)


Another thing that is associated with success is spirituality. When we work with great zeal and zest to achieve our goals and ambitions, it provides us mental relief. This thing develops a feeling in us that we are not wasting our precious lives. Indulging ourselves in productive activities has a great spiritual impact on all of us. One feels light and active. Thus, spirituality is also associated with success.

Demands for success

While considering the positive aspects of success we must not neglect the fact that


  Great things demand great sacrifices.

Everything has its cost and success also comes at a great cost. Striving for success provides a feeling of accomplishment and gives mental relief but one also has to go through many hardships.

Success demands

  • Hard work
  • Persistence
  • Late Nights
  • Early Mornings
  • Sacrifices
  • Discipline
  • Risks

Focus on your definition of success

Success has multiple dimensions and everyone of us have our own definition for it. Therefore, it is necessary that everyone should focus on his or her definition of success because the ultimate goals are common. All of those who say they want to be successful have common life goals which include

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Peace
  • Prosperity
  • Balance

One must always be attempting to move forward. Sheer determination and faith must be with us on our journey to success and one must not shirk work. One might face criticism, rejections, failures but the journey should not stop because it is very well said that

   Good things come to those who wait.

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