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IoT is totally based on an open ecosystem. Have you ever wonder if IoT is operated in a closed system and only a few enterprises have the all of it access than how will it look probably not as same internet as we are using and working with in the todays era. May be this would not be feasible for most of the people around the world. This system is a dependent system and we cannot incorporate its use as freely as we are already having. IoT‘s success is totally based on the open system and it could not be used within a closed ecosystem.

We always use and prefer the open internet access rather than the closed one. Internet image could never be closed and the real world cannot be as unique as it seems today with any closed network ecosystem. Latest technology trends have enabled the human beings to enjoy a good life with the use and implementation of technology life quite easy.


As artificial intelligence, 5G and other technologies are getting in trend IoT is one of the fundamental technology and more or less all the technologies are based on the use of internet.

IoT has enabled the cloud computing and the edge computing quite necessary in our daily lives. Now we can have the buildings, houses, vehicles and many other things that are bases on the internet of things.

BY 2021 IoT is supposed to create great revolution. Now by using the bio metric sensors nad occupancy sensors we can have an idea that what is required at what place. What kind of temperature and how much intense light a certain place requires.

 More or less we are entering in a future zone in which industrial infrastructure and the business will be impossible to handle without the implementation of this latest technology. Organizations and industries must have to take a start with small set ups and they must make sure to enhance the set up with the passage of time.

Given below are the advantages and disadvantages of IoT


Easy Access

Now the data about anything is easily and readily available no matter where are you present around the globe. For this purpose you only need to have a good internet access and a smart phone. Google maps are the easiest approach to find out the location and now the booking for anything including transportation can be done by using the latest technology. Now beyond any lies you can easily excess the actual facts and figures.

Great Speed

Now we can access all the data with a great speed and best velocity than ever before. Previously might be it takes hours or minutes but now with this technology you can access the data in seconds. Now the systems have become self-automated. Now due to these automatic systems it has enabled the people to invest their efforts into more fruitful things that are based on human force.

Acclimatising to New Standards

Over all this latest technology is quite inspiring and totally amazing it has enabled us to follow the new and the latest standards of the world. There are minimum alteration in this technology rather than the other advanced changed in the technology is the blessing ogf this technology that now you can keep yourself entirely updated all the time.

Time management

To a great extent IoT is one of the best tool that is time saving in all the best possible way. This is an incredible technology. Now we can have access to all the latest data just on our phones. Trending news and about what the world is more concerned about is just click away on the smart phones. You can easily visit and best blog, read any book purchase the things of your choice from the stores in no time. This technology has made our lives much easier than before.


Data Fissure

It’s quite amazing and wonderful that now you can easily access the data. It’s so unfortunate that now our data is not as private as we think it is. Now the data is most exposed and we usually have to compromise on this because nothing is in our hand.

Data fissures and the breaching of data is not peaceful and no doubt it has a fundamental role in creating a stress environment.

Cyber-attacks are very common these days and organisations have to put great efforts to win the trust of the customers that can be lost by single attack on the website pages. It is creating a lot issues in the real world. Smart toys and smart gadgets are the issues of serious concerns.


IoT is totally based on a strong internet connection. If there is no internet connection or there are weak signals IoT will fail to serve the purpose. Now a days we are totally internet dependent in fact it is a common belief that world will stop if there is no internet because all the latest gadgets are based on the internet sources.

We usually feel helpless or feel bad when there is any kind of resistance and delay in downloading an important data. This latest technology has decreased our attention and has also made us totally dependent on its presence for even a small thing.


IoT is no doubt complex in nature behind the scene a lot of complex mechanism are going on but however it seems to be very simple in the front view and with this latest technology all the tasks are easily handled and completed. 

Software’s are designed for the purpose that they make a right idea of calculations and they can easily handle all the data but if the software fails that it leads to serious consequence of technology that is not acceptable.

If the temperature of the system is not controlled and if the water of the fountain over flows than the software must be corrected as soon as possible else IoT will fail to serve you.

Today almost in every field from medicine, health care, business, transportation  and all the other fields latest IoT has totally amazed us. But the most important thing that must be kept in mind is that you must have a good control over the things so that you can have a complete awareness regarding the latest technology.

Security and protection of data is one of the biggest concern of the industries so simply make sure that your data is safe and see how your business grow.

Future concerns

IoT can have a great impact on our future just like the internet. IoT makes use of a network that is made up of billions and more than that connection of devices. It’s not easy to create a closed system for this that is mostly suggested by a lot of customers.

If we want a bright future for this technology we must have to come forward as an organisation that favours and allows the open ecosystem for the organisation for its better growth and development.

All the hardware’s and  the operating systems must be closely linked so that new and latest applications can be is the need of hour that we must conduit the fundamental elements into one rather than to make new inventions merely for the purpose of giving value to the developers.

Open ecosystems for any organization have much more benefits in terms of flexibility, transparency and healthy increase in life than closed system approach. It works for a longer time without frequent repairs.

Open foundations mostly prefer the open sources and these open sources usually serve as the best accelerator.

Most of the foundations around the world are making efforts to implement.IoT based infrastructure and they are also trying to find out the architecture and infrastructure based on it. All of us must follow the general rule that if we unite for a cause we can easily achieve it.


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