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Maskne is a kind of acne that appears on the face due wearing a mask. As all of the countries around the globe are facing pandemic of Covid 19 or corona virus that has been proved to be lethal and the only way to get yourself protected from this virus is by taking proper precautionary measures and by maintaining proper social distancing. Scientist and the health experts around the world are making efforts to overcome this disease by preparing certain vaccines and using them on hit and trial basis. But what if there will be no vaccine even a year

After this? The only answer to protect yourself is to wear a proper mask that must cover your mouth and particularly nose. Washing your hands with soap and by using proper sanitizing measures.


Most of the people have to wear a mask all the day. Whatever they are doing, either they are going out for shopping or either for performing their assigned job they have to protect themselves from getting affected by the virus. Wearing mask all the time can also cause damage and can cause break out on your face and skin.

When you wear a mask there are certain bacteria that might stick to the mask and can cause skin damage and this kind of skin damage may take a form of acne and this is referred to as the Maskne get dead.

Bacteria cause the clogging of the skin pores. Due to the clogging of skin pores skin cells due to lack of oxygen Maskne appears and cells


But there is no need to get seriously worried about Maskne because there are certain particular home based remedies that can be very helpful in treating the Maskne. If this occurs for a longer period of time and left untreated it might take a form of eczema.

But what should be done for this because it’s a dual situation if you don’t wear you will suffer and if you are wearing you are also suffering.

Preventive Measures

To reduce and prevent Maskne these are the measures that must be followed so that you don’t suffer from this.

1. Use a Good face wash

Always wash your face with a good and branded face wash if you are suffering from Maskne.

Whenever you enter home first of all try to wash your face. Washing your face again and again helps you in getting rid of bacteria’s and other harmful germs that will else multiply and can cause serious break out in the skin epidermis.

For this purpose you can also use homemade masks and can apply them frequently because they are chemicals free and will not cause any damage to the skin. Always try to use sulfate and ammonium free masks.

2. Exfoliation will work

Exfoliation is one of the best method to avoid Maskne. This process will help you a lot in dealing with the dead and worn out skin cells and remove the bacteria from the skin.

Exfoliation will cause the dead cells to remove and also helps in the opening of pores that will help in the oxygen availability to the skin cells. You can use homemade exfoliating agents such as combination of honey and ground sugar will work and they have the ability to do wonders.

3. Apply moisturizer

Appropriate amount of moisture in the skin will also help you a lot in the prevention of Maskne. Coconut oil contains lauric acid and no doubt it will help a lot in the proper moisturization of skin.

It has the ability to deal with bacteria and it helps in providing a strong physical barrier that helps in the protection and not allow bacteria’s to attack. You can also use essential oils for acne as well.

You can apply lavender oil and mint oil as well to the skin these oils have a cooling effect and they will help you a lot from the itchy reaction on skin.

4. Eat healthy

If you are suffering from Maskne a simple solution to this problem is that you must try to incorporate the healthy diet. Try to eat rainbows and use the food that does not promote acne.

Avoid the use of oily products and try to use vegetables and fruits more on daily basis. Alcohol beverages, sugary foods and UN healthy diet patterns are the leading cause of acne. Try to consume organic food, food enriched with minerals, vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants. These food promote shiny and gives a good glow to your skin.

5. Use of Probiotics

Probiotics are very much important for the health of gut and digestive system. Probiotics are the one of the most important ingredient that lead to healthy skin as well. Probiotics have strong potential to delay the ageing process and both the tropical and internal probiotics are important in acne treatment.

6. Change mask

Wearing mask for a long time and repeating the same mask again and again is not good in any case. You must have to leave the habit of putting your mask on a table or shelf or in your car and just wear it again and again. Try to use a new mask every time or in ever new day this habit will do a lot to prevent Maskne.

Bacteria grow and cause your mask to get polluted by the germs that will cause skin disease.  Continuous changes in the mask will help you a lot in this regard and soon this will disappear.

However if you are using a  cloth mask you can use it two to three time but not without washing after every single use and in case of disposable mask never take a risk to wear it again and simply throw it away.

Maskne is a real thing and you cannot ignore it in the time of pandemic .always use the remedies to avoid such conditions. If you ever feel small pimples on your nose or in any part of your mouth just go to your physician and try to use the suggested treatment.

Stress and acne boosting food may serve as the triggering factors for skin damage. IT is a clear sign of taking precaution and to implement a self-care routine.


Acne mechanica is quite dangerous and most commonly it is known as Maskne. It appears on the skin due to constantly wearing a mask. Masks usually trigger the break outs in the skin and also cause the friction in the skin.

Protective gears and unsuitable clothing usually case Maskne. It cause the skin pores to get clogged and cause the death of skin cells by making them deficient in oxygen.

Proper moisturization , changing mask frequently , exfoliation and the use of healthy diet along with the proper other preventive measures will prevent this disease to a great extent and help your skin to glow and shine.


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