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MARS a wonderful place for living. Whenever we wonder that what could be the ending point and at what place we can start a life except earth than the only reasonable answer that has been impregnated in our minds from that day of the arousal of this question is MARS. For introducing MARS as to be a second home town for humans we pay our highest gratitude to ELON MUSK. He not only has claimed and make a possible visit to MARS but he is making highest possible efforts to make it a human community where they can just enjoy the lives as they are enjoying and spending a life on earth.

BUT have you ever wonder that why only MARS there are certain other planets that constitute our solar system why don’t we get serious about those and why only MARS is supposed to be next place where human can live and survive?

 Is it truth that like seriously we can live and colonies this planet?


Yes, MARS deserves to be our second HOMETOWN as per research that has been conducted by a lot of researcher and scientist. They are making efforts to discover the hidden truth that why MARS?

They have been making efforts for its exploration since 2001.

First evidence the existence of water on this planet earth and this factor has created an urge in the explorers to discover more and more. It has created a spark and resurgence among the scientist that leads to answer many of the questions.

First of all NASA launched and planned a trip to MARS on 7th of March 2001 and the journey got successful on the 24th of October 2001.

So later on privatised enterprises started working on it and a spaceship named as space X was launched and they offered the suggestion that humans must be send to the planet MARS to study various other prospects of this planet.

Space ship must be fuelled up enough for the trip completion it must be fuelled before it is departed for the planet MARS and then from coming back from MARS to earth it must be refuelled by the existing propellants and the fuels on that planet the main purpose of this travelling was to discover the reasons that either humans can survive over there and can they be stable on it or not.

Most of things must be delivered by the planet earth by means of some kind of pressurized cylinders by the end of this century however we might got successful in our planning to colonize the MARS.

Research is under process and ELON MUSK is also making efforts to make a it as a second human home town but have you ever that what are the reasons that have forced the scientist to must consider this as an option because

According to the research 

  • Soil of MARS is enriched with water that is one of the vital constituent for human beings.
  • Its temperature is moderate it’s neither too hot or nor too cold human can survive over there.
  • Solar energy can be used to drive and energize the solar panel and the sunlight reaching there is enough from which we can get energy.
  • Gravity on the planet MARS is quite less than earth it is almost 38% of earth.
  • MARS has good atmosphere it has the ability to make the survival possible and protect the human beings from the cosmic waves and harmful radiation coming from the sun that are not good for human beings.
  • Day and night alteration and times on the planet MARS are same as of earth and it is almost equal.
  • Last but not the least this is the only planet that exist in a most appropriate habitable zone and except other this is the only planet.

The space craft is handled and it is mostly a robotic space craft that has given us the surprising views because previously humans have never planned a travelling to MARS and they have never taken an attempt to reach and visit the MARS. You might wonder that either people of your age can also reach over there.

Reality is that NASA is working hard and most of the privatized spaceships are also making their full efforts to reach over there.

It is such a fascinating planet that we get mesmerised most of the time that how nature has planned scientist are trying and sending the space ships almost from the years 1960s. 

No doubt there are a lot of similarities between earth and MARS but it should be kept in mind that there are also a lot of hidden truth and dissimilarities between the two.

No doubt many reasons go in the favours but there are a also many reason that doesn’t support the fact of our survival over there

  • Whenever we use a compass it always headed towards the North Pole and planet earth completely behaves like a magnet but in case of MARS this is not a supporting fact and MARS does not behave in this way.
  • Earth has a strong magnetic field and MARS doesn’t own such a magnetic field.
  • There is no proper amount of air for human survival on MARS and it allows harmful radiations to reach on the planet.
  • There are certain facts that support the existence of water on MARS but there are also equal no of facts that this quantity of water is not enough to support a human population on MARS.
  • Most of the water exists in the form of solid that is ice and it doesn’t occurs in the form of liquid water sand human cannot utilize this.

IT is much smaller but it is quite big but due to the basic need of water there are many researches that are being carried out to find water over there and it must be very wonderful experience and a human victory if in the coming century we become able to live over there.


Scientist are trying to find out the bacteria’s or any kind of fossils over thee so that they can be taken on earth and studies can be conducted in the best laboratories on earth.

However all the journeys are planned and conducted through the robots because for human it’s quite expensive and dangerous journey.

Let’s hope for a better future.


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