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Tesla is a name that needs no introduction and it is a name that holds the maximum derise and maximum fame at the same time. When cyber trucks was launched by the Tesla it is a common hype around the globe that now the Elon Musk will find the only way to get out touch and soon he will get disappear and he will be in the darkness and the launch of the cyber truck has also given rise to thousand and millions of questions.


critics have made the every possible try to drown the new launch but the supporters has made the revolution to get progress by leaps and bounds and the Tesla received almost 2 lac orders that are preorders for the newbie launched vehicle.

In comparison to ford -150 that has been the world-famous car and also one of the bestselling product in 2018 just sold 1 million cars in the following year.

Beyond and besides all kind of disagreements company when shifted from the automobiles to production of electrical vehicles it got a lot of success and generate the best revenue that is growing with profit till date.

At the beginning of the year 2020 Tesla is one of the best and upper most all the prospects like the sales, total amount return and in increased values of its shareholders Tesla is one of those names no one is unaware of.

 A brand that really cause mesmerism. Technology and most probably the innovative technology is creating wonders around the globe.

Technology has made remarkable changes that today even in the time of this pandemic our business are least affected by.

But the most important question that arises here is that, how the entrepreneurs and the activities marktise their new services and products that can really change the life of people.

 By interviewing the ELON MUSK we have come to know the most important lessons of the time that what actually lies between the fame of a company and how much turbulence has to be faced to take place in the heart of people.

lessons Learnt

Teslas success strategies are the lessons for all the innovators around the globe yeah these people have worked so hard that generations can get the best possible outcomes by following these golden rules.

Tesla has made a great success within no time and the lessons that have given to the world means a lot that how any industry can work hard and can easily bring the latest technology in the market.

Telsa’s strategy is world famous and it has launched the cyber trucks along with the different models of electric cars such as model, S,3,X, AND Y.

Efforts were made for both commercialisation of the vehicles and to introduce the latest technology to the humans and entrepreneurs around the world.it is dam hard true that

cyber trucks were not only launched merely for the purpose of earning the money they are designed and launched for the purpose that Tesla is one of the best company and it is following the latest innovative technologies to design and launch the latest products.

Tesla has made a lot of efforts to involve the stake holder and to get their trust as well.

Innovative Capital

After carrying out a lot of research and interviews of the innovators we have come across the four major factors that how the innovators work and achieve their desired innovation capital

  1. First and foremost question is that who are you ?what is your actual capacity to think forward and what is your basic strategy to solve the problems and how do you use the persuasion technique in your business.’
  2. Second thing is that how you interact with the people and what kind of people constitutes your social circle. Or either these people hold the maximum resources that can lead you towards innovation.
  3. In what things you are interested in what you have been doing and what you have actually done, what your previous repute among the people is and what your previous records tell.
  • What kind of approach you have adopted to get attention from the people and to make yourself more reliable for the ideas that you have introduces to the world. Every kind of business try to hold the reliable stakeholder that can help in flourishing the business.

Elon Musk is called to be the master of innovation and technology in the real world. He has used the technology and applied innovation in building and designing the latest products. He has utilized the technique if innovation capital to get the maximum support for his ideas.

He has made progress in launching space x introducing the PayPal system to the world and now by making and designing the electric cars he has grabbed the attention of everyone in this world.

He has always tried to make and design the possible things that can be supported and utilized by the people of planet earth for the best of possible advantages.

Components Involved

What other kinds of strategies are involved by the Tesla to get progress. Tesla electric vehicles are the core components that will have to be deal with the great concern all the models must be carefully designed and marketed.


Because whenever the new products are launched not only some components have to be considered but all the components have to be considered with the entire ecosystem as well.

Tesla’s Environment

Tesla’s environment both the intra and inter environment all the individual components are involves and all are equally important. Profits of any industry get down when all the components are not involved and they are not given an equal importance in this case they will definitely cause the serious consequences.

or example just consider the batteries of the electric cars that if they were not made up of good material and every other thing is made with the latest material than the only component of batter will generate haters and it will affect the whole supply of the cars around the globe and the people will also not like the product no profit will be earned and the whole technology will appear just like a misfortune.

Irrespective of the view point behind the success of Tesla. The company has tried to make the best possible efforts and has followed all the suitable strategies so that fundamental changes can be introduces in the in the innovative technologies and the related industries.

The strategies they have adopted have very amazing components at all the levels.  They have used the great architecture products and they have truly introduced the innovation to the world and in coming days technology will definitely cause a hallmark in the world.


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