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Technology is amazing.Technologies are endless and the contributions they are making in our daily life are also remarkable. Most of the people just focus and praise the front end technologies that are apparently present on the screen and the usually don’t concentrate on the technologies that are making the front end technologies worthwhile.

Web developers work on both the front and back end technologies but if you ever want to become and pursue your career in the back end web development you can consider the below mentioned best back end technologies.

Back end web development technologies are amazing in every context. Most of the institutes and people usually focus on the front end whenever they get into the web development but sometimes the people more suddenly fall for back end web development technologies.

PHP is not totally worn out and old school back end technology but no doubt its getting old with time as there is new revolution in technology.


Nodoubt PHP can work better but it cannot perform the task is the best possible way and therefore it is the need of hour that any alternative that can work best must be chosen so laraval is the good alternative than PHP. As you are moving ahead in the 21st century.

You can easily get have a great know how about the latest back end technologies so just before you start learning these back end technologies just give a read to these latest back end fields that will help you a lot .


Laravel is one of the best known back end technology and it is purely based on the PHP infrastructure. It is basically designed for  making the  work and developing tasks easier for the web developers, reaching , routing , catching and authentication have made been made easier by using this technology.


Security is highly ensured in using the laravel and it is one of the highly recommended technology for the web applications development. Second reason for selecting the laravel is the best compatibility and easy use.

Basic features that force you to use this back end technology are

  • High level privacy and security
  • Best use of architecture
  • Better templates
  • Easy to handle and easy to use.


Flask is one of the best know framework that is based on the python. Django and flask are mostly based on the python based frameworks. Flask was developed in almost 2010 and it is a comparatively lighter in weight and it works on the principle on werkzeug and jinja 2. Flask due to its extreme importance is getting viral and it is used by most of the web developer around the globe.


Flask is important because of the following reasons.

  • It can secure the cookies.
  • It has the ability to connect with online reputation management.
  • It can show debugging at a faster rate.
  • It is based on python frame work and it is getting attention by all the web developer till date.


It is one of the best frame that is based on the node.js and it basically provides a system to develop and maintain the mobile bases web applications. It has comparatively better set of can perform all the web based task more rapidly and speedily in better and efficient ways. As it is highly based on node based web so we can here easily compliment that java script can work for both the front end and the back end web development.

Basic feature to prefer this back end technology are

  • It has some important set ups that can deal with the HTTPS and can respond the concerned requests.
  • It can work more dynamically with rendering of HTML.
  • It is an easily used documentation.
  • It is based on JavaScript that is one of the most highly used programming language in the world of web development.


As the name is unique Django is one of those back end frameworks that are getting highly viral among the web developers. Django is purely based on the framework of python and most widely and commonly used form of python framework as well.

Django technology

Django is used worldwide and its community is high as compared to the other back end technologies that are being present in the list and are worth considering for as well.

Django is famous because

  • It can be easy in documentation.
  • It can support the cookies in more appropriate ways.
  • It is secure.
  • It is faster than others.

Ruby on Rails

It is purely based on the ruby framework. It has popularity in the world and yes it has an incredible community that really likes and love to work on this back end based technology.

By using this back end technology you do not have to write and memorise long lists of codes because it used a better map routing system and a template based language as a whole.

Ruby on rails

Basic feature due to which it is mostly preferred are

  • It has an AJAX based library.
  • It can automatically generate the AJAX.


Web developer that mostly use java now can easily made the back end frameworks by using the spring technology.

It is highly recommended for the developers and for the people who are considering the web development as a profession in near future


Basic properties due to which spring is favoured are

  • It’s an easy approach for testing
  • It uses modularity that is highly preferred in the web development world.
  • It is based on the java script that is one of the best known programming language.


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