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Oily skin is one of those problems that most of us face irrespective of the gender. Either a male or a female this skin can be owned by both. Oily skin is usually due to the hyperactive skin glands also known as the sebaceous glands. Excess sebum is produces in this case that usually appears as oil. Hyperactive sebaceous glands make your skin always greasy. People who have Oily skin usually suffer from various skin problems such as clogged pores, excessive blackheads, massive white heads and acne.

  Environmental pollution and excessive dirt in our surrounding make this condition more severe and those who have Oily skin soon get irritated with their own skin.

Skin bumps and comedones usually appear on the face and if the situation left untreated it will result in certain severe issues as well. Regular skin care routine and the use of good skin care products will help you in making your skin look better and you will enjoy your events in a better way.

As there are always the two sides if a coin everything in this universe has some pros and cons.


No doubt people with Oily skin have to suffer serious daily life tragedies but however people with the Oily skin usually don’t have any kind of wrinkles and the  ageing symptoms also appear very late in their life. Oily skin people usually hold good amount of moisture in their skin that usually make their skin looks good.


If you are suffering from Oily skin and it afraid you a lot in going to events because you cannot apply good makeup so don’t worry now just use the technique of daily cleansing of the skin for at least 5-6 minutes. You can do this with any suitable face wash of a good brand.

Daily cleansing will help you a lot. Because most of the dirt is vanished and extra oil is removed. Skin care products , medicated soaps and  face wash of a good company will aid you in getting rid of the problems that you may have to suffer else.


Try to use the exfoliation technique more and more at least spare half an hour in a week or on alternative days for yourself. Weekly skin care routine will help you in looking younger and more attractive. Try to apply the face masks after exfoliation.

Skin care

This daily and weekly skin care routine will make you feel always ready for the events otherwise you have to put a lot of efforts for looking attractive and magnificent.


Don’t always opt for the instant masks that comes in the market. Rather than these try to use the home made face masks. You can use milk, honey, lemon, yogurt and nutrient rich pulpy fruits to make a best face mask with no side effects at all. You can always use these face masks without any fear that this will further make you skin oily.

face mask

Apply the face mask for at least 15-20 minutes and then wash with the Luke warm water so that all the pores get open and all the dirt should be removed giving you a more appropriate look and make you feel more gorgeous and awesome.

Make Sure You Toner Is Alcohol Free

Toners are one of the best solution for the Oily skin. Regular toning of skin will help you a lot in getting rid of extra dirt that is deposited in your skin pores and also helps in ejecting the extra oils that’s stays on your skin. Rose water is one of the best known natural toner that usually don’t have any kind of serious side effect.


t makes your skin look fresh and also gives a natural glow to skin. Try to use those toners that are alcohol free and don’t use alcohol based toners because such toners can deteriorate your skin.


 It is a common myth that Oily skin people if apply any kind of moisturizers than these will cause more oil on their skin. Well this is not true. People with such skin also need proper moisturisation that can hydrate their skin. There is a solution to ever problem try to look for water based products rather than the oil based products.



Oily skin females are usually afraid of the greasiness that usually and frequently appears on their skin. This is one of the main reason that these females are so much resistant to apply the sunblock’s in their daily skin care routine.

Such females think a lot before buying such products. As a result when they interact with the sunlight their skin gets more damaged and freckles and dark spots along with dark pigmentations become the most common things that always appear on their face.


Now a days gel like sun blocks are easily and readily available in the market these have been designed with the view that people with such kind of skin can also apply and they will not have to suffer from the radiations coming from the sun.

One of the best way to get rid of Oily skin is that try to consume a good diet, eat rainbows and avoid the use of bakery products that contain a large amount of sugar along with other unhealthy ingredients.


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