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GitHub is one of those websites most of the people don’t have an idea about. How GitHub does works and for what about kind of purpose it is designed these are the most of the question in the mind of people whenever they hear the word Geeks usually rant about this website all the time. To have a good understanding about GitHub you must have to understand that for what does the word Git means.


To know at your best Git is one of the open source and it has a control system very much similar to the Linux because both are designed and owned by the same person. Git has many other subversion such as CVS and the controls systems of the former and the later are also very much similar.


So it is very much clear that GitHub or the Git is the version control system that also involves a lot of coding and it is very much clear that whenever an application us is developed by the web developers  they always strive to make new and the latest changes according to the need and time of that particular era. Web developers are always interested in making and designing something new.


GitHub is known as the version control system and such systems are supposed to store and keep the right revision in their storage and repositories straight away. Such kind of repositories helps and enable the web developers to interact with the changes they have made previously quite easily.

GitHub is one of such repositories in which all the previous information is stores and save so that the newest versions of any software can be release at any time by making the desired changes in the previous ones.

 All the web developers can study these changes can see them and can also make the best contributions to make the new software worthwhile. As GitHub is accessible by any web developer similarly it is also easily available for the public so that they can download and easily use the necessary files any time.

Linux is also just like GitHub and most of the people who use Linux can easily use the GitHub because it is subversion of Linux and hence they can download the data although they have nothing to do with the development of the application and any project.

GitHub and the Linux geeks have many common prospects and the people who have a lot of interaction with these software’s can never stay away from these valuable version controls systems.

GitHub is one of the most important version control system and it is one of the most preferred system by most of the developers because of the wonderful features and advantages offered by it.

One of the best know feature that makes it the most preferable is its storage capacity and the way it maintains the integrity of the uploaded files. This is all about the Git in the GitHub. So what does the Hub stands for in the GitHub.


Git is a version control system but as the time passes there is a great revolution in technology and the latest trend about these have been massively gain importance and becomes worthy as well. But the question that arises here means is that besides all kind of latest why does the GitHub is still important and most preferred.

Git is a tool but the main component around which everything revolves is the Hub it is just like a place where most of the web developers store and share the projects with the people who are of same concepts and with whom their mental level is most matched.

Geeks love to use GitHub even many other such software’s and version control systems are available.

 Main components of GitHub involves the repository, forking a Repo, pull requests social networking and change logs.


Repository is one of the main component of the GitHub.

It is also known as repo and you can easily store the files and information in the repo and can easily access the file in the repository by typing a unique URL that is particularly special for each kind of file.


The term forking is used whenever you try to design a new project based on the projects that are already present in the system.

It is one of the best constituent because it allows the people to contribute more and to design the novel projects that can be very much helpful for the people. You can easily study the previous version and can make the revisions time to time.


 Pull request is the feature in the GitHub that allows you to show and approve your revisions by the original developer by making the changes.

you send the requests to the real developers that has originally designed a particular file by using this you can have a better portfolio and know how that wither your ideas in that particular file will work or not.


GitHub is best known platform for the social networking and to have  a social interaction via GitHub has become the most potential feature of this version control system.

You can easily show you portfolio and you work to the people around the globe by having your own profile.

GitHub is making the legit contribution in the world because now you can share the information, your unique ideas and anything that comes to your mind with the same minded community in the world. This has made a revolution in the world of programming and web development.

Change logs

Change log usually helps people to have a better interaction and collaboration about a project.

As anyone in the community can make changes to any file and hence it is very much difficult to have a complete information about that which individual of the community has made what kind of changes in the file and at what time GitHub can easily keep the exact track of all information and the changes that have been revised with the passage of time.


 It is a common myth that GitHub is only available and useful for the web developers and the professional programmers but this is really not true. GitHub is used and it is one of the best learning tool for everyone. GitHub is not popular among the people and most of the individuals are really not familiar with this technology.

In this version control system you have a team which can make changes to your files and make the file more useful and valuable.

Since the term is not common you can read this article and share your comments so that we can upload more information about GitHub.


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